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The New Colonialist Food Economy

The New Colonialist Food Economy
How Bill Gates and agribusiness giants are throttling small farmers in Africa and the Global South.
America’s Short-Lived Safety Net Has Almost Fully Unraveled
The American Rescue Plan created unprecedented programs protecting parents and young children, renters, and childcare providers. Now they are almost entirely gone.
Maine Is in an Epic Battle Over Its Future
Voters could turn two private utilities into public goods. The corporations are fighting it tooth and nail.
James Ho Wants to Be the Next Clarence Thomas
The Fifth Circuit judge is a far-right extremist and provocateur—and he’s angling for a seat on the Supreme Court.
Chantal Montellier’s Prescient Dystopias
A new volume collects the pioneering French comic artist’s work.
Introducing ‘Off the Clock’
Off the Clock is a new monthly Nation column that takes us into the after-hours lives of notable people on the left. Building off the success of the magazine’s previous series, Drinks on The Nation, each installment will offer a look at the personal and recreational lives of public figures as a Nation writer tags along on an activity that reveals something interesting about the subject—or deepens our understanding of their work.

For our first Off the Clock, writer and performer Zee Scout traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee, with Knoxville-based drag queen Anastasia Alexander as she performs in a drag show with a purpose: to serve queer education in the deep-red state. Queens from across Tennessee came together to put on a show for influential community leaders to prove that the state’s drag ban is ridiculous. Far from the groomer-infested dens of sin they’ve been characterized as on the right, drag shows are fun, silly, and, as Anastasia Alexander illustrates with a back-handspring-laden performance, exhilarating. Check it out here, and stay tuned for fresh adventures each month!

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