What Makes Texas So Successful?

by Peter Zeihan on August 23, 2023


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Today’s video comes from one of my favorite places in central Colorado – Elk Horn Pass.

Texas is known for many things – cowboys, bbq, oil, and who could forget the Alamo – but none of those are why Texas has been (and will continue to be) the fastest-growing state in the US.

Four big things have helped Texas climb to the top. Thanks to a low cost of living, Texans have been popping out babies left and right, contributing to strong demographic growth. Their proximity to Mexico has bolstered the Texan economy, trade, and manufacturing sector. Texas is a red state with blue cities, so residents can enjoy the perfect regulatory mix. And lastly, Texas has been able to attract businesses from other struggling states.

The past few decades have been great for Texas, but times are changing. Birth rates are falling, the cost of living is rising, immigration is falling off, and the business “stealing” model won’t be the same. This doesn’t mean Texas is collapsing (cities like Houston, El Paso, and Austin have bright futures ahead); things are just starting to slow down.

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What Makes Texas So Successful || Peter Zeihan

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