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Uber’s CEO Says He’ll Always Find a Reason to Say His Company Sucks

I Looked Into Sam Altman’s Orb and All I Got Was This Lousy Crypto

Joel Khalili

Tools for Humanity has an iris-scanning Orb that decides whether you’re human or a robot—and then gives you crypto. But is Worldcoin worth the price?


A New Attack Impacts ChatGPT—and No One Knows How to Stop It

Will Knight

Researchers found a simple way to make ChatGPT, Bard, and other chatbots misbehave, proving that AI is hard to tame.


Twitter Scammers Stole $1,000 From My Friend—So I Hunted Them Down

Selena Larson

After scammers duped a friend with a hacked Twitter account and a “deal” on a MacBook, I enlisted the help of a fellow threat researcher to trace the criminals’ offline identities.


To Watermark AI, It Needs Its Own Alphabet

Alistair Croll

It’s getting harder to distinguish between AI- and human-generated content. But Unicode presents an elegant hack in the race to watermark AI-written text.


Uber’s CEO Says He’ll Always Find a Reason to Say His Company Sucks

Steven Levy

Dara Khosrowshahi swooped in to tame a beastly work culture and try to make the on-demand giant profitable. Now he’s expanding into trucks and boats, but he still sees Uber as a fixer-upper.


Meta Just Proved People Hate Chronological Feeds

Paresh Dave

Some social media users and lawmakers say chronological feeds are healthier. A new study found that Facebook and Instagram users who were forced to see time-ranked posts turned to TikTok instead.





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