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Inside the Mutiny Brewing at Goldman Sach

Let’s establish a baseline: Wall Street is not known for its abundance of nice, even-keeled, deferential people. Rather, it’s a zero-sum place where the smartest and most ruthless operators advance, often leaving a lot of bruised feelings in their wake. It’s in this kill-or-be-killed context that David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, is said by an alarming number of his employees to be an abrasive, domineering, insensitive jerk. Complaints about Solomon’s behavior have been leaking from inside the bank for some time, and now the company is approaching full mutiny, as detailed in this deeply reported feature by Jen Wieczner. Profit excuses a lot on Wall Street, but not everything. And now, with Goldman lagging behind its peers, Solomon’s personality may end up costing him his job.

—Nick Summers, features editor, New York

Is David Solomon Too Big a Jerk to Run Goldman Sachs? Inside a banking mutiny.

Photo: Landon Nordeman

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