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National Futurist Party Platform

National Futurist Party Platform In Progress: Banking: Nationalization of the Federal Reserve, and mandate the Fed grant interest free loans. Support for a public infrastructure bank to fund public works projects, and interest free loans for businesses and mortgages. Debt: Complete Dept Forgiveness for student loans and mortgages. […]

Responding to the Fascist Creep

An interesting interview with an “anti-fascist” that references the concept of pan-secessionism. Here’s the relevant excerpt: Without understanding the way that those ambiguous ideas are applied in different milieus, like with national anarchism and autonomous nationalism and those sorts of things, radicals can fall for easy platitudes. Pan-secessionism […]

How to Fix the Left

By Alden Braddock Peoples Post Modernist Reject liberal(isms). Embrace your will to power. The Left (even in radical circles)in many respects has failed as a movement. Race baiting, class politics, compromise on top of compromise and a clumsy at best praxis to achieving the ends we strive for […]

Calexit: Is Secession the Answer?

By Keith Preston American Renaissance American political culture has come to be defined by enormous divisions. Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt notes that present day political polarization is wider than at any time since the Civil War. Social science research finds that more Americans would oppose their son or […]

Burn the flag on inauguration day!

By William T. Hathaway Let’s welcome our new Commander in Chief by demonstrating how little he knows about the Constitution of the United States. Each incoming president is required on inauguration day to take the oath of office, affirming to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.” But Trump […]

An Appeal from the Libertarian Alliance (UK)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR CROWDFUNDING APPEAL  We humbly ask our supporters to help us improve our website, blog, and archive. Already a big “thank you” goes out to Derek Bernard for supporting our appeal. The Libertarian Alliance currently has two websites ( and, the former used […]

Brexit as a Means to True Secession

By Chris Shaw I’ve made it clear that I don’t see the EU referendum as particularly important. The major economic questions surrounding the modern world, from banking fragility and capital creation, to huge levels of private and sovereign debt and politico-economic centralisation are not remotely addressed within this […]

Autopsy on a Lost Referendum

By Sean Gabb Libertarian Alliance Though we have nearly four weeks yet of campaigning, I find it hard to believe that the European Referendum will end in other than a crushing defeat for the Leave Campaign. For many on our side, this will be the end of their […]

Is Revolution Brewing?

By William S. Lind Traditional Right Virtually all the reporting about this fall’s presidential election focuses on the candidates and the question of who is going to win nomination and election. That is to be expected. But it misses what really matters. The likelihood that either the nominating […]

Rules For Libertarians

LibertarianHeathen.Com A practical guide for success, in the moment we have all been waiting for. By: Ryan Ramsey Chairman, Bradford County Affiliate State Executive Committee Representative, Region 4 Libertarian Party of Florida  Since 1971, Libertarians have dreamed of this day. The moment  enough members of the one party system’s […]

The Anarchist Post-Capitalist Vision

A talk from anarcho-communist Wayne Price. He’s half-way there. Add to Price’s statement this statement from a libertarian group: “Right/Left, small “L” and big “L” libertarians are welcome. Libertarian Socialists. Ancaps, Ancoms, and other anarchist types are welcome, as well. Objectivists, Agorists, Georgists… Constitutional and Conservative libertarians …As […]