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Kievan Rus’ interviews Keith Preston

Kievan Rus’: 11/17/15-Keith Preston, Attack the System, American Indian Moverment, Black Panther Party, New Left, Rainbow Coalition, Anarcho-Communists, left Anarchists, White Panthers, Young Patriots, Neo-Confederates, Anarcho-Capitalists, Paleo-Libertarians, National Association for the Advancement of White People, Mississipi Peace & Freedom Democratic Party, Young Lords, Nicaragua Contras, Arab Spring, Identity […]

More Anarchistic Than Thou

A reply to “Anti-Fascist News“: An uninformed lay person reading the pathetically ignorant and barely literate bromide against Attack the System recently issued by “Anti-Fascist News” would hardly know anarchism is a vast tradition in modern political philosophy with roots in the radical Enlightenment more than two centuries […]

Challenges the ARV-ATS Movement Faces

Fifteen years into the fight, American Revolutionary Vanguard and Attack the System has made remarkable progress. When I first started this website in January, 2001, I certainly did not expect that someday our representatives would be regularly interviewed on international television and radio, speak to conferences with hundreds […]

Noam Chomsky interviewed by Abby Martin

In this episode of teleSUR’s The Empire Files, Abby Martin interviews world-renowned philosopher and linguist Professor Noam Chomsky. Prof. Chomsky comments on the presidential primary “extravaganza,” the movement for Bernie Sanders, the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal, the bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, modern-day libertarianism […]

Author: Chris Combe from York, UK, who does not endorse this use of the work

Beyond Social Justice

A discussion with Ian Mayes, Nexus X Humectress, and Keith Preston about how social justice activism has led anarchist movements astray and lots of other stuff. Topics include: Anarcho-pacifism Intentional communities Beyond Social Justice: how historical opposition to valid injustices has now evolved into something absurd. How totalitarian […]

Murray Bookchin and the Kurdish Resistance

By Joris Leverink Roar Mag Bookchin’s municipalist ideas, once rejected by communists and anarchists alike, have now come to inspire the Kurdish quest for democratic autonomy. The introduction to the new book The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy (Verso, 2015), explains how Murray Bookchin – born […]

Keith Preston and Revolutionary Strategy

A poster on Reddit’s Anarcho-Capitalism discussion forum describes my views as follows: Here are some things to know of Keith Preston: A. He’s a strong revolutionary voice within the anarchist circles. B. He’s a panarchist and pan-secessionist. C. He is pretty much equivalent to a classical anarchist, like […]

How Do We Bring Rojava to America?

That is the question. By Anonymous AnarchistNews.Org While there have been some headlines and first person accounts of the Rojava region and the politics therein, there has been little analysis that is explicitly anarchist. That is grounded in the big modern questions about how can international solidarity occur […]

The Kurds are Crowdfunding a Revolution

By all means, donate. By Jennifer Baker Revolution-News.Com After 134 days of intense fights against ISIS, the Kurdish city of Kobanê is under reconstruction. An international solidarity movement is now using crowdfunding as a tool to support of the so-called ’Rojava Revolution’. Initiatives to rebuild Kobanê, a secular […]

News Digest July 10, 2015

Hows Donald Trump’s Immigration Stance Became a Liability by Peter Beinart South Carolina’s Confederate Flag Comes Down by Jeffery Collins and Meg Kinnard Remembering the U.S. Government’s Secret Human Experiments by Kevin Loria Cops Pulls Rifle on Protestors for Their “Constitutional Bullshit” Countercurrents News Teenage Girl Sentenced to […]

The Reversed Revolutions of David Graeber

By Wayne Price Anarkismo.Net Review of David Graeber, Revolutions in Reverse: Essays on Politics, Violence, Art, and Imagination. (2011) A review of David Graeber’s book, Revolutions in Reverse. The author has some intelligent insights, such as the importance of recognizing where the justice movements have won victories. In […]

Jump out of the pot!

By William T. Hathaway “I’m getting hot,” croaked the frog as he floated in a pot of water from which steam was beginning to rise. “Me too,” croaked the other frog as she paddled listlessly. “This water used to be warm. Now it’s too hot.” “Oh well…nothing we […]