An American split

By John Kaluza

In response to Mr. Staveley’s commentary, I am closing in on 70 years old and I can honestly say, like you do, that the thinking of many people in this country is incomprehensible to me.

I just don’t understand how so many Americans can support President Trump. I see him as the worst example of arrogant white-male entitlement, with truly no sense of decency at all, and yet he was elected by a stunningly large minority of Americans.

I am as baffled by the “right” as you apparently are by the “left.” How you can call the impeachment a farce is unimaginable to me. How you can’t or won’t see the corruption of would-be King Trump is just appalling. I have a brother who is a Trump lover and I have no communication at all with him because I just can’t stand listening to what comes out of his mouth.

The only solution to this long-simmering American conundrum is (I am not joking) to break up the country into at least two countries. The Civil War would not have been fought if the south would have been allowed to secede. Americans who think climate change is a hoax, that marriage is between a man and a woman only, that abortion is murder, that the influx of brown-skinned immigrants must end, that a guy like Trump is actually the chosen one can live in the new country that was previously called the South.


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