Liberty & Logos – Episode 2 – ‘What CAN be done?’ Reply

Having established a general overview of humanity arrived at its current juncture, A & B now start to lay out ‘what can be done’, in very broad strokes. Bellamy starts to lay out what pan-secessionism would look like.

Why reform and revolution are not the answer
The dynamics of ‘during’ and ‘after the revolution’
Immanentising the lifeway you want, NOW
The problem of cooperation vs. conflict
The myriad marginals
N.A. anarchists have drunk the woke Kool-Aid
Who ARE the ‘far-right’? (Clue: according to some definitions, MOST people)
A world society of meetings
The possibility of Mutual self-defence
Dispute resolution
Worries about the fracturing of the human spirit

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