Liberty & Logos – Episode 3 – ‘What can be done?’, contd. Reply

In which A & B expand on the ideas of pan-secessionism, and also consider the spiritual and ecological motivations for non-societal approaches to living.

Pan-secessionism contd.
A hidden megalomania in (some) anarchism?
Garbage communities
Why total non-hierarchy is impossible
Divide and conquer
‘Hoaxed’ and signs of hope
A crisis of credibility for the thinstream media
The double-edged sword of the Internet
Is all we need love? (cheese warning!)
In a small scale community, you have to get along
Why A is more drawn to being a peacenik than (just) being a deserter
B sings the praises of permaculture
A asks B if he’s met any cool people in the permaculture world

The text of Bolo’bolo

Audio version available here

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