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Time to Create Community Councils

For Immediate Release Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership March 25, 2013 – Day One of the Occupation of Detroit Contact: Ron Scott & Shea Howell – 313-282-7669 – DETROIT, MI – Today is a sad day in Detroit. The usurpation of civic power by the State […]

The Revolution Is Here

Anarchist ~ Patriot ~ Militia Movement Alliance Flag Flag design by Gabriel Brown By Gabriel Brown The main symbol of this flag is the Tree with grass roots on a local level while the rest reflect historical revolutionary tradition which formulated the United States tradition for defending a […]

Let’s Bulldoze a Big Box Shopping Center

Are traditional urban environments an antidote to mass consmerism, big box retailer-dominated markets, and stale strip mall culture? Nathan Lewis thinks we should start bulldozing suburban shopping malls and strip malls and replace them with traditional urban environments: really narrow streets, thoughtfully designed public places, no space wasted […]

Join, or Die

by R.J. Jacob

Conspiratorialism and traditional distrust in elites has shaped American history since its initial conception beginning with the Anglo-Republicanism of the 17th century and it’s conspiratorial views of Charles I and James II, to the Boston Tea Party British colonists who saw

Body Pieces

By Pat Chaffee Awake to Drones “We are still finding body pieces.” My job was to gather the body pieces after an IED explosion, trying to keep pieces on one body together.” “My uncles were cut in pieces.” I heard the first statement when I volunteered at the […]

Occupy Sandy Relief NYC

We are not only bringing in relief to areas that are not experiencing government aid, but also working with existing organizations to build strong community centers. We are building a relief effort that will still give communities access to necessary resources 5 yrs from now. People who’s homes were lost and businesses destroyed may not have the resources to rebuild their lives. These are the people who are forgotten by short-term shelters and Red Cross tents, because they require a sustainable, local, long-term approach.

CAPR suspends support for Leah

The Committee Against Political Repression will be suspending support for Leah-Lynn Plante. Leah was released from prison on October 17 after appearing before the grand jury investigating anarchists. We do not know what was said at that hearing. In the time since her release, Leah has not offered […]

Joe Rogan Interviews Amber Lyon

Amber Lyon is a former CNN journalist who exposed widespread censorship at the news agency. Topics include the collaboration between the media, the U.S. government and foreign dictatorships,  the situation in Bahrain, Israel, Iran, NDAA, Wikileaks, whistleblowers, the Anaheim protests, media propaganda, journalism, the police state, false flag […]

Masculinity Is Not Revolutionary

DGR in the United States… You must become a feminist to be a true revolutionary! By Kid Cutback Revolutionaries of many types maintain that resistance by any means necessary is required to stop momentous social injustice and environmental degradation. These activists recognize that those in power are the […]

David Duke interviews Kenneth O’Keefe

Ken O’Keefe is an Irish/Palestinian activist who renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2001. He’s a former marine and Gulf War veteran. According to Wikipedia he “led the human shield action to Iraq and was a passenger on the MV Mavi Marmara during the Gaza flotilla raid. He said […]

Bare Chest Equality… Elsewhere

Recently a group of women in New York City (who apparently believe that space aliens visited their French leader – that is a bizarre story in itself) rallied for what they call ‘bare chest equality.’ Essentially, they want the right to go topless in public. And men in […]

The Concupiscence of Hierarchy

By Kevin Carson Shrinking or dismantling the state through political processes — running candidates, lobbying against various policies, etc. — is mostly a waste of time. The system’s rules are set up to favor the interests of those inside the corporate-state power structure, against those on the outside […]