How to Fix the Left

By Alden Braddock

Peoples Post Modernist

Reject liberal(isms). Embrace your will to power.

The Left (even in radical circles)in many respects has failed as a movement. Race baiting, class politics, compromise on top of compromise and a clumsy at best praxis to achieving the ends we strive for are what we have now and accepting this reality is the only what we can now move past it. The old God is dead and we shall lay the groundwork of our stronghold on His grave. In order to do this we must be willing to embrace some new ideas;

1. We must stop pandering to identity politics. Treating people as collectives or even worse as sociological concepts trips individual action of any meaning and obfuscates our shared goal of fostering a world of self sufficiency, unshackled creative expression and freedom from imposed conditions. Yes, we can see the grave injustices levied against minorities by the state but recent events have made it clear that our cure is far worse than the disease. Arguing over who oppresses who, supporting language policing in an effort to hide from open dialogue and stick to our safe spaces have done us all a great disservice. Revolution never happens within a person’ comfort zone.

2. We must be willing to do what the right has done; collaborate with a wide variety of anti-state affinity groups (hard greens, third world nationalists, agorists, gender-nihilist/queer organizations, ext.) in order to crush our opposition and while we’re at it crush everybody’s enemy the neo-liberal/globalist.

3. We must be ruthless but use violence with tact and be willing to organize. Providing aid, organization/mobilization to and radicalizing groups like BLM and focusing on the core idea which motivate dissent (opposition to police brutality)instead of race and gender baiting will take us much further in achieving our long term goals

4. We must recognize markets for what they are; forces independent from specific modes of organization (i.e. capitalism) and come to accept that a “freed market” trends towards egalitarianism in market transactions. We need to support small businesses and innovators in STEM; crypto currency, open source programs the 3-D printing of firearms clean energy alternatives to fossil flues and innovations in body modification/transhumanism are all on the rise and offer solutions to our goals of decentralizing the state and its monopoly on law enforcement and energy while maximizing our quality of life

Will these ideas fix everything? No, but they (at the very least) are a breath of fresh air. The political landscape is evolving and if the Left wants to stay relevant we must evolve with it. Our politics really are boring as fuck so let’s spice things up a little.

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