A New (Left) Low for National LP Chair Nick Sarwark

By Ryan Ramsey

Recent riots in Berkley, California have brought increasing attention to the global left wing terrorist organizations known collectively as ANTIFA. They justify their violence based on the idea they are fighting fascism.  Who is not against fascism, right? Thus, the riots and murders are understandable. This logic holds about as much water as the idea the Patriot act was patriotic because patriot was in the name. You can paint a turd any color, it doesn’t change the taste. Antifa are violent thugs, and the patriot act raped a number of our civil liberties in a very UN-patriotic manner. In the words of John Adams, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

This immutable law of nature is a source of neverending irritation to the leftists attempting to hold back the Libertarian Party from its  destiny to shift the paradigm of American politics. That destiny is to create a force edging us towards freedom with  each election cycle, rather than a constant inch toward Marxism. Nick Sarwark, National Chairman of the Libertarian Party, is the poster boy for the Cultural Marxist idiocy that keeps us relegated to single digit election returns in a country where 25% or more of the population supports our policies. If we took the national platform and removed all the items.

If we took the national platform and removed all the items Libertarians think should be reserved to the state, the majority of Americans would be supporters. Limited government, conducted at the smallest level possible, and personal freedom, are ideals most Americans can rally behind. Any question as to whether Mr. Sarwark was a lover of liberty, or a Cultural Marxist attempting to hold back the advance of the  Libertarian Party, were answered when he made national news repeating lies about Milo Yiannopoulos, subject of the  violence in Berkley, when he insinuated bloodshed to stop free speech was “understandable”. Here is the article for  those who may have missed it. Unfortunately for the cause of liberty, most of our potential voters did see it.

When the Libertarian Party was founded in the 1970’s, a number of highly intelligent leftists realized the danger  and began implementing a plan to infest the party with Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt School, which became known  as the Institute for Social Research when they fled Nazi Germany and came to the United States. The Libertarian Party was a very important entity to include in their “long march through the institutions”, because it is the antidote to a century of Marxist progress in the western hemisphere. You cannot demagogue libertarians the way the old right can be called sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant, the lines are painted for the one party system that masquerades as choice for the credit slaves on election day.

Success for the LP would create a paradigm shift that would realign 30% of the voters in the Libertarian Party, and 40% in the Republican Party. Do the math, and you can deduce the result can only be a permanant impotence of the Democrat Party, and thus the death of Marxism in American government. As time went on, the conservative Republicans would realize the truth, and America would be reborn from the ashes of social Democracy, realizing the truth Ronald Reagan immortalized in his famous quote:

“If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is Libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals- if we were back in the days of the revolution, so-called  conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire  for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom, and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.”

The subtle nod to left wing political violence by the man who should be spearheading the ideals of the “Non-Aggression Principle” (NAP) illustrates the unbridled arrogance of the Cultural Marxist. It is not entirely unfounded. Up until a  few short years ago, the average American had never heard of ANTIFA or Cultural Marxism. Their machinations were in the  background and incredibly successful. The work of Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey had been flushed down the memory hole. Their bitter rival W.E.B. Duboise and the white Marxists who held his puppet strings owned the cause of  black civil rights. Leaving people’s bedroom habits outside the realm of legislation had devolved into waving dildos at
middle America, culminating in a shout of “victory!” when they forced the highest court in the land to regulate these private bedroom activities.

Now government and parasitic lawyers could also destroy the lives of gay people when their relationships go bad. The supposed party leadership of personal liberty celebrated. Those who love freedom looked on, bewildered at the spectacle. Environmentalism became economic obstructionism, as “green is the new red” was chanted  by snickering new left communists behind the scenes. The LP candidate for President of the greatest nation on earth  could not find Aleppo on a map, but subjected us to his stoned musings about moving their entire population here at  taxpayer expense….right after he sent armed men to force the creation of cakes to prevent someone suffering emotional distress. Gallup shows that opening the borders would result in 150 million immigrants…TOMORROW.

Any person with an IQ greater than 5 knows that would destroy America and freedom with her. This is how you can easily determine who the cultural Marxists in the LP are, for the goal is to destroy the cultural and religious institutions that form the  social fabric of the nation, ultimately using the ensuing chaos to usher in a communist regime. Every great cause  infected. Every principle corrupted. Every individual freedom Americans sought morphed into a collectivist imperative.  The bulk of the younger membership and newer converts spewing this rhetoric are the classic useful idiot. They can be  taught and are not necessarily here to derail our efforts. Do not let the used car salesman charms of Nick Sarwark  fool you. His true colors cannot be hidden as he is emboldened by his successful plot to steal the Chairmanship  of the Libertarian Party.

For those who did not attend the National Convention last spring in Orlando, let me tell you how Nick
Sarwark was re-elected as LP Chairman. He collected a group of loyalists around himself to feign running as opposition. Then at the last minute, on the Convention floor, they dropped their candidacy and threw their support to the man trying to do the Weimar Republic over, as if the Communists will win this time. This is why many are starting to  refer to him as “Nazi Nick”, despite his Jewish religion. His ignorance of history is astounding, especially considering his heritage. It is an ignorance common among the products of compulsory government education camps, but unacceptable for anyone wishing to lead the third largest political party in the greatest nation on the planet. The smug manner in which the leftist infection tries to paint President Trump as Hitler is the crowning jewel of their  ignorance. It is time for a quick history lesson on Germany prior to World War Two. Trump is not Hitler, but people like Sarwark are ushering the next Hitler in.

After World War I, Germany was divided up, and a brief Communist govenment existed in part of the country, along with  another short-lived one in Hungary. The failure of both regimes led to a call by COMINTERN to study why the west was not accepting the proletariat revolution. This led to the creation of the Frankfurt School; every libertarian needs to research their conclusions as to how to create Communism in the west. What was left of Germany was called the “Weimar Republic”. It was a social democratic morass, nearly identical to modern America, as re-created by Cultural  Marxists and their political arm, the Democrat Party. The Communists smelled blood in the failing Weimar, and formed
gangs of leftist street thugs, the literal forefathers of the rabble we saw in Berkley earlier this month. You can read  about their history in an article I published last spring here:

The result was a backlash – by a population sick of seeing their history insulted, their currency inflated, and their cultural institutions eroded. Suffering physical assault in the streets, the people organized a resistance to the  communist terror, and one of their leaders was a man named Adolf Hitler. Imprisoned for combat with leftist gangs, he wrote a book called “Mein Kampf” in his prison cell. A desperate people, tired of the same left wing idiocy the American public now suffers, and tired of disingenuous political leaders like Nick Sarwark, elevated the NSDAP to power.  Hitler did not seize power, he was elected by a country sick of instability and left wing violence. Americans just  elected a man leading them in a chant of “build that wall”. If you react with violence you are going to get the brownshirts again, and it will not be pretty, I promise you.

When the National Chairman of the Libertarian Party encourages left wing violence, there is so much irony it is honestly hard for me to fathom. Behold Nick Sarwark, who claims to lead the party of individual freedom, as he ushers his own Jewish people toward the boxcars. Nazi Nick, the ultimate in self hatred. So arrogant, he is willing to bet the survival of his own people against the chance of history repeating itself. Trump is not Hitler, but if we encourage this left wing rabble we will all meet him soon. I am sure as the train whistles blow and his Synagogue is torched, someone will mutter- “well, its understandable”. They will be just as misguided as Nick Sarwark and his useful idiots of left wing libertarianism. The US border is not an imaginary line, mein fuhrer.

If you were really concerned with the freedom to travel, you would not have refused to support the transparency and accountability initiative. You would be working to end the drug war and interventionist foreign policy, along with the real racist  system known as the welfare state. This would remove the obstacles to relaxing border restrictions. It would allow the free movement of people without the artificial forces that bring us terrorists and impoverished refugees that burden our already weak system. A Florida US Senate Candidate event was attacked by antifa last election cycle. Libertarians beaten with wooden clubs and escaping attendees had their vehicle windows smashed out. What kind of leader gives a nod of approval to such acts of political terror and violence against his own electorate?

I care more about the free speech rights of my fellow Americans like Milo Yiannopoulos than I do for the criminals expoiting our education system. By your own words, “taxation is theft”. In a shocking display of hypocrisy, Nick Sarwark states that offering education to foreigners, paid for by the proceeds of armed robbery at the hands of the state, is  a noble endeavor. Violence against anyone who opposes it is “understandable”. If a group of thugs in Phoenix drags him  out front of Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales and stomps his teeth out before setting it ablaze can we call it  “understandable”? By his own logic he is just as culpable as Milo, literally defending theft- by HIS OWN DEFINITION, to pay for illegal alien education. The answer is simple. Of course not! In fact, I would protect him from such a mob, as I would protect Milo.

The principles the Libertarian Party seeks to restore in government are absolutely meaningless if not applied to those we disagree with. Free speech is not negotiable. I ask my countrymen to please
recognize that Nick Sarwark and his lackeys do not represent the bulk of libertarians. They represent the last-ditch effort by the new left to salvage their destructive plan to subject us all to global Communism. The last poll I saw has 75% of the party in opposition to open borders. If Nick would take a break from ushering in “Third Reich 2.0″and read the platform, he would see it plainly states we support reasonable border controls. These are dangerous times and we need principled leadership. Not wolves in con men’s clothing. Resign and let the party hold fair elections, Nick Sarwark. The last election proved you wholly incapable of leading us to major party status, and your statements prove you unprincipled and morally bankrupt.

I sit on the Executive Committee of the Libertrian Party of Florida, I represent Region 4. I am also the Bradford County Affiliate Chairman for the LPF. I will be announcing very soon my candidacy for office in the midterm election, and if idiots like Nick Sarwark would get out of the way, I will win and help elect others. I have a proven track record in the Florida Legislature and organizing political groups. Here is what a Libertarian statement about the recent events in Berkley, California should look like, it is the one I made:

“As the Region 4 Representative and Bradford County Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Forida, I condemn antifa and any force or violence in opposition to the free speech rights of any American. The spirit of free and honest debate and the inalienable right of free speech belongs to everyone, especially those we disagree with. To defend those we do not agree with is the only way to keep this principle alive. I call on libertarians everywhere to resist tyranny, even if they call it anti-fascism. We want to convince, and not coerce, debate rather than riot”.

See how easy that was?

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  1. You make up various “alternative facts” here (and Milo probably thanks you for his US citizenship, but like-it-or-not HE AIN’T!!!). I read this in hopes of proof behind the unhinged allegations against National LP leadership. I’m not surprised to have found zero (0) substance.

    I still stand by ALL my words mocking both “ANTIFA” AND FASCISTS WHO TRY TO INFILTRATE THE LPF. I’m prouder than ever of my actions in the face of the false allegations against Nick (who I didn’t support on the first ballot for Chair, BTW). So, as-usual, I stand by ALL my words.

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