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Keep On Rockin’

From the Book RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War By William T. Hathaway   RADICAL PEACE is a collection of reports from peace activists in the USA, Europe, Iraq, and Afghanistan. An American exchange student in one of my courses here in Germany contributed the following essay about how […]

Why Libertarianism is a Joke

The Dangerous Times Libyan Rebels celebrate village victory firing off AK47 shots as they ride out in convoy, 30 km from Bani Walid, on September 3, 2011. (CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)1 It’s not just that I think morality is non-cognitive and largely bad in most people, it’s that […]

ATS Makes the Subversive All-Star Team

Read for yourself. In addition to NATA-NY, another “bridging” group between White Nationalists and libertarians is Attack the System (ATS). It is the brainchild of Keith Preston, who decades ago was involved in left-wing anarchist groups. Now he advocates “pan-secessionism,” which hopes to create a Left-Right alliance of […]

Libertarianism: No Threat to the Ruling Class

In what way does the actually existing libertarian movement, anarchist or otherwise, threaten the existing political order? If anything, the libertarian movement is a microcosm of the wider society. There are the “right-libertarians” who extol the virtues of capitalism, Christianity, and the American way (kind of like, you […]

Growing state secession movements

By D. Christian Moore Examiner.Com Republican leaning counties in deep blue states are pushing to secede and form states of their own. Residents of Northern Michigan, parts of California, Maryland and Colorado are seeking to break away from their Democrat controlled states and form new self-governing entities. These […]

The Stark Truth: Robert Stark Interviews Keith Preston

Listen to the interview at Counter-Currents.Com Robert Stark welcomes back Keith Preston of Attack the System. Topics include: Keith’s article “Who am I? Left, Right, or Center”: How his anti imperialist views on foreign policy overlap with the far Left as well as Paleoconservative and New Right thinkers How […]

Quote of the Day

“Libertarians arguing over whose libertarianism is best reminds me of the scene from American Psycho where everyone is trying to one-up each other using the colors of their stupid business cards when they all work for the same firm.” -RJ Jacob

The Libertarian Stuff: Anarchy

One thing many of my fans and critics alike often have difficulty understanding is that I really don’t care about any of the sectarian intramural in-fighting that goes on between the various tribes of anarchism, the  left and right wings of the wider libertarian movement, or even in […]

Whither Libertarianism?

These Right Stuff guys are harder on the left-libertarians than I am. Sheesh. By Michael Enoch TheRightStuff.Biz Many harsh criticisms have been made on this site, by myself and others, of the more autistic, neckbeardy and fedoraish strains of Libertarianism. Bulbasaur in particular has gained a reputation for […]

Anarchism and Spirituality

Attack the System Anarchism and Spirituality: An Interview with Jay Cypher February 22, 2014 Keith Preston interviews Jay Cypher, anarchist anthropologist and scholar of the relationship between spirituality, religion, and social movements. Topics include: Topics include: Her recent lecture “Anarchy and Spiritual Practice.” Libertarian tendencies within various religious […]

Hoppe, Carson, and Me

I have found that the two other thinkers within the current anti-state milieu to whom I am most often compared are Hans Hermann Hoppe and Kevin Carson. These associations are made by both sympathizers and critics regarding my own work. So perhaps if might be of interest to […]

Role reversal: Left establishment vs Right counter-culture

Those of us who weren’t alive in the 1960s have likely seen clips from television and movies showing Right-wingers chastising hippies and liberals over their long hair, casual demeanor and less-than-formal dress. Conservatives also often used rhetoric about how liberals were traitors and should leave the United States. Pro-Vietnam War veterans complaining about how Jane […]

A Libertarian Litmus Test

The drug war. We often here about how this or that Republican politician is a “libertarian” or “libertarian-leaning” or a “friend of liberty.” In the vast majority of the cases (if not all of them) said Republican politician supports the war on drugs. Oh, some of them may […]

Can aristocracy and its feudal roots offer a prospect and model for secessionist solutions to the present crisis in Britain?

By John Kersey Libertarian Alliance A functioning aristocracy is fundamental to a traditionally-based society, and its structures and concepts have greatly influenced the development of the British nation over the centuries. In this paper, I intend, while showing some of the difficulties that have come to occupy the […]

Women Against The State

Attack the System Women Against the State February 1, 2014 A panel discussion with M.K. Lords, Becky Belding, Trista Rundatz, and Keith Preston about gender issues in the libertarian milieu, and wider issues facing the libertarian and anarchist movements. Topics include: Topics include: Why anti-state movements attract more […]

A Thank You to Our Donors

Many thanks to our wonderful supporters for the donations we have recently received. Words can barely describe our gratitude for the support for our work that you have shown. THANK YOU. If our readers and listeners value the work we do here at AttacktheSystem.Com, feel free to support […]