Will the Red Tribe Revolt in the Face of Blue Tribe Victory?

Leading fourth generation warfare theorist Bill Lind, a paleconservative, discusses the possibility of a Red Tribe revolt as the Blue Tribe increasingly achieves national hegemony. Some highlights:

“…But something far more powerful than any issue is motivating the base: an ever-stronger feeling that it’s us against them.  “Us” is average people who work for a living, follow the rules, go to church on Sunday, and try to be good fathers, mothers, and neighbors.  “Them” is a mix of elites who despise average people, blacks and immigrants who live on working Americans’ tax payments while committing violent crimes and the Globalist 1% who get rich by exporting average peoples’ jobs….I don’t think it will accept that outcome, not when a radically Left Democratic president starts opening the borders, turning the White House into a LGBTQ wedding chapel and lets millions of black criminals out of jail while giving them the vote.  At that point, there is going to be a rebellion.

In much of the South, the rebellion could take an old/new form: nullification.  That issue seemed to be settled before the Civil War, when the Supreme Court ruled that states could not nullify acts of the federal government.  But in recent years, nullification has come back, not from the Right but from the Left, and, because it is coming from the Left, it has been accepted by the Establishment.  Two clear cases are laws regarding marijuana and enforcement of federal laws against illegal immigration.  On the former, state after state has legalized marijuana despite federal law that makes its sale or use illegal.  It is as clear a case of state-level nullification as I can imagine.  With regard to illegal immigrants, many Left-ruled cities have proclaimed themselves “sanctuary cities” where local police will not enforce federal immigration laws.

This is more or less the same argument I have been making for decades. The Blue Tribe (“progressives”)  have largely won the “culture wars” on most issues, and the “Blue zones” (large cities and coasts) are where most of the US population lives, with the Red Tribe located in the territorially large but sparsely populated rural areas. Decentralization involving urban-surburban-rural separation would largely  have the effect of achieving self-determination for most cultural factions while underming the state/ruling class/power elite at the same found. An anarchist-led revolutionary populism with a  far-left/radical-center/far-right “base” against the neoliberal/establishment is clearly the way to achieve such an objective. Think something like Italy’s Five Star Movement or the Pirate Parties on steroids.

One of the objections that is often raised to my perspective is that people will still be oppressed by authoritarian rightists in the Blue zones, or by authoritarian leftists in Red zones. But that is why pan-anarchism is necessary. There will not merely be Blue and Red zones, but purple, green, pink, lavendar, black, white, brown, yellow, and polka-dotted zones as well. This is not science fiction. Ancient Greece was a collection of thousands of cities with hundreds of different political systems. The Holy Roman Empire was a collection of hundreds of kingdoms and thousands of unique territories. The prototypes are already there. There are thousands of autonomous communities and startup societies around the world today.

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  1. Lind knows better. Red and Blue are both irrelevant if 4th generation war breaks out between the two. And it won’t because nobody supports the Red Tribe. The future of the US according to its ruling caste is a single party state and no bunch of proles will avert that future. Of course, that state may go out of control and destroy them, but the neurosis of this elite demands that the future cometh now.

  2. Interesting, I don’t feel safe at all living in either a red or blue zone. Keith, can you please explain the other color zones, how do you describe the kind of system I advocate for which is a Mutualist Political Economy that has petite Pro-Life Feminist chicks in Lolita fashion with rainbow Bob haircuts and shiny Mary Jane shoes, advocates Open Source, Free Culture, Copyleft, 3d printing, Hyper Local decentralized manufacturing & production, Alternative Currencies such Barter Notes, Silver & a Mutual Credit/Cryptocurrency hybrid called Mutual Cryptocredit, & also embracing polygamy alongside procreation.

    • Purple (mixed left and right), green (eco/vegan), pink (feminist), lavender (queer), black (black nationalist or black flag anarchist or black anarchist), white (white nationalist or pacifist), brown (Hispanic or fascist), yellow (Asian or an-cap), and polka-dotted zones (a little bit of everything). The possibilities are endless, lol.

  3. Unfortunately, it seems a population bottleneck through perhaps an external source (plague, famine, asteroid, etc) may be necessary to isolate communities and allow for truly independent sociocultural development. Less than a billion people overall, communities of 50 to 5000, separated by a good few miles to discourage conflict and contagion. Maybe my family could live in peace as a gladiatorial scavenger tribe.

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