“Tribes” Magazine Now Available!

The new magazine of the National-Anarchist Movement, “Tribes,” is now available. Please contact me through this website’s contact page or via Facebook for inquiries about orders. Complimentary copies will be provided on a selective basis to reviewers, publishers, academics and journalists.

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Editorial by Troy Southgate

The Challenge of National-Anarchism by Adam Ormes

Birth Against the Modern World by Hildr Jorgensen

Deep Roots Are Not Reached by the Frost by Linda Hext

Anarchy Against Politics by Kostas Exarchos

Autonomy and Introspection by Mary Kate Morris

Ecology and the Ethnosphere by Thom Forester

From the Streets in Black to a Field in a Wide-Brimmed Hat: A Left-Anarchist’s Journey to N-AM by Gregor Eugen Elliott

Tribe-Race-Ethnicity by Piercarlo-Bormida

Eonorenesis Ethnogenesis by Alexander Storrsson

Anarchism Without Adjectives: National-Anarchism and the Diversity of Communities by Sean Jobst

A Personal Reminiscence by David Oakspawn

Aki Cederberg’s Journeys in the Kali Yuga by Alexander Storrsson

Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire by Gregor Eugen Elliott

Voltairine de Cleyre’s Anarchism Without Adjectives by Keith Preston

Alternative Green: The Decentralist World of Richard Hunt by Troy Southgate

Smash All Dogmas: Overcoming the Addiction to Ideology by Keith Preston

A Tlingit Nation by Vince Rinehart

An Anarchist View of Women and the Feminist Flaw by Maritsa Solares Rico

Plantago Plaintain Wegbrade (Waybread): A Powerful and Useful Healing Herb and Food Plant by Gregor Eugen Elliott

Zero Waste by Hildr Jorgensen


The price of the magazine itself is 5 GBP/EUR/6.50 USD per copy.

Together with the regrettably high postage costs, prices are as follows.

1 copy:
UK: £7 / Europe: £10 / Rest of world: £12

2 copies:
UK: £12.50 / Europe: £16 / Rest of world: £19

3 copies:
UK: £18.50 / Europe: £23.50 / Rest of world: £28.50

(Europe, as defined by Royal Mail’s world zones:

Please enquire for larger quantities.

Orders to thepowerremains(at)

Payment by Paypal; other options considered.

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  1. May I order three issue of the magazine Tribes and pay by PayPal? I live in the USA state called Utah.

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