National Futurist Party Platform

National Futurist Party Platform

In Progress:

Banking: Nationalization of the Federal Reserve, and mandate the Fed grant interest free loans. Support for a public infrastructure bank to fund public works projects, and interest free loans for businesses and mortgages.

Debt: Complete Dept Forgiveness for student loans and mortgages.

Taxation: Greatly reduce taxation on labor for the middle class and small businesses. Support for a Tobin Tax on Financial Speculation, and tax on pollution, an income CAP at $100 Million in assets and $1 Million in revenue, with the exception for inventors. Allow Shareholders to vote on Corporate CEO pay. Child Care Tax Credit Reductions.

Trade: Fair Trade over Free Trade. Strict environmental and worker protections must be taken into account. Enforce Tariffs on unbalanced trade.

Social Media: Nationalize Social Media to Mandate Free Speech.

Basic Income: A Basic income for all adult US citizens of at least $1000 per month. Increased income based on voluntary IQ Test, and for artist, writers, and scientist. Income revenue generated from treasury rather than from Taxation, and would replace the existing welfare state.

Automation: Use automation and an alternative to low skilled cheap foreign labor. Mandate that revenue generated from automation go to the public fund and not private corporate interest.

Healthcare: Replace for profit Health Insurance with public utilities, and free healthcare for those who cannot afford it. Mandate pharmaceutical companies provide drugs at low cost, and allow for nurses to provide basic healthcare duties at reduce cost. Break up patent monopolies to reduce cost.

Urban Planning: Massive plan to increase housing supply for middle class in urban areas, with caps on housing cos, in specific zones. Revitalize run down car oriented suburbs and inner cities with walkable communities and self contained cities. Support for Historic preservation and public parks within cities(ex. free way cap parks, and urban greenbelts)

Mass Transit: Phase out auto dependency. Support investing in public transit including subways, light rail, and high speed rail.

Environment: Strict regulations against pollution. Protect National Park, and wilderness areas from exploitation and suburban sprawl.

Alternative Energy: Invest in Alternative Energy.

Science: Increase Investment in Science.

Space Travel: Invest in Space Exploration.

Immigration: Mandate employers sanctions for those who hire illegal immigrants. Greatly Reduce legal immigration levels. Immigration policy must take into account the needs of the nation and not Corporations and special interest.

Drugs: Legalization of marijuana. Treat drug addiction as a medical rather than criminal issue. Reduce flow through border security.

National Security: Focus on securing borders and ports rather than surveillance of US citizens.

Foreign Policy: Favor a non-interventionist policy, and focus on national defense over nation building. Become energy independent from middle eastern oil. Limit the influence of foreign interest over US affairs.

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