The Articles of Unity – A Patriotic Plan to Save our Republic (Bret Weinstein)

Bret Weinstein seems to be a guy whose “heart is in the right place,” as a sentimentalist might say.  His core idea is correct, i.e. building an anti-establishment movement that rejects incompetent/corrupt elites while rejecting dangerous authoritarians from the far-left and far-right.

His emphasis on the “exhausted majority” rather than Red Tribe/Blue Tribe hardliners is correct (though I would start with the lumpenproletariat and work upward to the 46% before trying the work the exhausted majority). However, a core problem with the “Unity 2020” idea is that it fails to recognize that the US presidency is not the real power in the US but simply a senior managerial position. A US president that seriously threatened ruling class interests would be Nixoned, JFK’d, or Allende’d (the history of the US empire contains only a few hundred examples of this being carried out in other countries/colonies at the instigation of the US power elite).

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