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A Libertarian Defense of CHAZ

By Stratton J. Davis Ever since the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) was created in Seattle, it has been a prominent subject of discussion for many. The question usually being discussed is whether we should support it or not. While those on the left seem to be in […]

As It Should Be…

I first started developing the ideas that I would later come to call “pan-secessionism in the mid-1990s after notice the emergence of the “right-wing” antigovernment movement associated with the militias, sovereign citizens, tax protestors, and other similar groups. Of course, much of the left and certainly liberal opinion […]

A Letter From the Other Front

Crimethinc In this essay, anarchists from a rural area of the United States describe how people who live outside the urban centers can contribute to the movement against police violence and institutional white supremacy that has unfolded in response to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The […]

Revolution from the Bottom Up

When I was an orthodox left-wing anarchist, one of the things that eventually led to my present heterodox positions was the observation that every leftist revolution in which anarchists participated led to the repression of the anarchists by authoritarian leftists, or by right-wing reactionaries who managed to gain […]

The Great Statue Debate

Kyle is merely criticizing standard right-wing dumbassery in much of this, but one of the most important points he raises is that evidence shows that a majority of the US public still opposes removing Confederate monuments, and super-majority opposes removing historic American monuments.  When leftist revolutions fail, and […]

Opt Out of the System

By Ricky “I am gonna be focusing on what I think needs to be a rallying cry. We can’t just think violence is gonna start society anew. With that, I think; the message should be on people focusing on: Self-reliance and in if you are incapable for whatever […]

Ingraham: Democrats cancel America

I totally disagree with Laura here, but not for the usual reasons. So far I have actually seen very little “canceling America” going on in the present uprising. Unlike Berkeley or Charlottesville, which were low-grade sports riots carried out by rookie-league middle-class gangs, the present uprising is a […]

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone established in Seattle

Police have retreated from Seattle’s East Precinct and protesters have established an autonomous zone in the neighborhood. Following Monday’s retreat of police and national guard, protesters have begun erecting barricades after a week-long blockade of the East Precinct. Read more about it at Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

Rebellions Get Results: A List So Far

Brian Bean Rampart Mag Today marks two weeks since George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis police and two weeks of revolt that spread into a nation-wide and ongoing American uprising against policing and anti-Black racism. As flames engulfed buildings and cruisers were destroyed alongside police precincts, some […]

Too Radical-Or Not Radical Enough?

The main critique I would have of the liberal/left/BLM approach is not that their perspective is “too radical” but that it is not radical enough. Much of this kind of activism is focused solely on police killings and the racial disparities involved. Fair enough. Murder by cop is […]

Tucker: Media ignore victims to the riots

Regrettably, wars produce casualties. The present situation is not yet a conventional civil war, but it is more than simply a series of riots or a crime wave. It is a genuine insurrection, albeit one that is largely spontaneous, decentralized, and uncoordinated which is both an advantage and […]

Exiting Anarchist Politics: Pan-Anarchism in Action?

The eco-villagers, exitarians, panarchists, radical anc-aps/agorists, national-anarchists, bolobolo fans, democratic confederalists, startuppers, intentional communards, neo-tribalists, PLEers, SEZers, crypto-anarchists, seasteaders, smart citiers, new urbanists, micronationalists, and Benedict optionists all have some interesting ideas that might fit under the paradigm of pan-anarchism, from far left to far right, and spanning […]

Direct Action Wins Again

Good work. This guy would have been sitting duck. Not only would another pointless murder have occurred, but the political/racial antagonisms would have intensified. This officer got separated from other officers and this group of protestors created a human shield to protect him.