We’ve Been Trained to Accept Defeat

By Peter R. Quinones

I’m as guilty as anyone of being one of those people who made it their life mission to point and say, “I told you so!” Being able to diagnose a disease and say, “Yep, that’s cancer,” and being right all the time is what a lot of people I encounter strive to be. I did. But not anymore. The cost is too high to not do something.

The way I see it, taking action to correct tyranny and/or injustice comes down to timing for most people. Ignoring the “Voting is violence,” and obvious Leftist morons and useful idiots for the regime, one must ask, when should you act and what should that action be? Here are a few suggested options which I advocate using in conjunction with one another.

Building “wealth,” which could be anything from monetary wealth to buying land and growing your own food, is first and foremost. In other words, take care of you and your family FIRST!

If you are in an explicitly right-wing area, or an area you believe can be pushed right-ward, getting involved in local politics in any way shape or form using one of the many tactics we have talked about (Hoppe’s “What Must Be Done” strategy and/or the Anti-Tax), is a good bulwark against the Federal government.


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