Proving that decentralization can win

Mises Institute

Congratulations to three Mises Caucus-endorsed candidates who won their local races Tuesday:

Aron Lam—Mayor (Keenesburg, Colorado)
David Tyler—City Council (East Ridge, Tennessee)
Bill Schult—City Council (Crescent Springs, Kentucky)

Aron, Bill, and David asked for our endorsement*—and we gave it—because they believe the best way to win practical gains for liberty is to combine bold, uncompromising libertarian messaging in the national debate with action to promote decentralization—namely, local candidates who favor nullification of unjust federal and state laws and single-issue coalitions that bypass the politicians with ballot measures that allow voters to choose liberty.

The decentralization strategy is the only one that shows promise for advancing liberty.

For instance, only about a third of Libertarians on the ballot Tuesday were for local offices (county level or smaller), but ALL of the Libertarians who won were local candidates.

As for ballot measures, Iowans added a strong gun-rights provision to their state constitution that makes it much more difficult for politicians to pass gun restrictions and voters rejected the War on Drugs by approving measures to legalize psilocybin in Colorado and cannabis in Maryland and Missouri. (The Colorado effort grew out of the Decriminalize Denver effort that the LP and the Mises Caucus helped win by a handful of votes a couple of years ago.)

If you’re encouraged by these results, please join us in our major initiative for 2023—Project Decentralized Revolution, which aims to field more than 100 candidates trained and endorsed by the Mises Caucus in next year’s elections.

To do this, we’ll be taking the message of libertarian decentralization to several college towns across the country with the Take Human Action Tour—weekend events featuring A-list libertarian speakers and hands-on training for candidates, campaign managers, and volunteer activists. (We’re working on finalizing the locations and dates now.)

We’ve also already begun a series of online campaign training seminars for candidates who want to get a head start. Just fill in the form at, and if you share our vision, you’ll get access to the free training events and to the Mises Caucus Candidate Support Team who can help you identify and prepare for a winnable race.

If you can’t be a candidate yourself, but want to support Project Decentralized Revolution, please head over to to make a one-time contribution or a monthly commitment—the more support we get, the more candidates we can help with training, practical support, and campaign contributions.

We’re excited to be moving the Libertarian Party away from milquetoast irrelevance and toward being a party that directly challenges the statists who’ve locked us down, intimidated us with mandates, and ruined our economy—and we’re glad you’re along with us on this journey!

*We also contributed financially to Aron and David (Bill’s application came too late for us to do the same for him). We only endorsed and supported candidates who asked us to (and after interviewing and vetting them), and any Libertarian candidate can do so at

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