I Hate To Burst Some People’s Bubble…

… well, not really

The criticisms thrown my way from my old compatriots do not bother me like so many people believe. I have repeatedly said there are some tenets of libertarianism that I still consider my personal preferences. But as a “complete political ideology” I do not see how one can hold to something that has not proven itself in the real world. Sure, what exists now is imperfect, in many ways even horrific, but believing your untested doctrine could replace this system and not be equal to or even worse is to live by a faith the religious would admire. This piece isn’t about my libertarian preferences or how to get society to be what you would want it to be. This is about how, once you replace the current system, you would keep it. I will continue to reference libertarianism because the society I want would include echoes of the “complete political ideology” so many wish for.

It isn’t difficult to envision a town of 10,000 in which a small group of people inspired by Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “What Must Be Done” have taken over and begun the process of privatizing “essential services.” I at once think of education and policing. Let’s continue under the assumption these services are now in the hands of the private sector. If the private sector supplies value that is vastly superior to that provided when the State ran them, other services will likely follow. One of my goals is to make it so that landowners have perfect ownership over their property. No property tax, no permits necessary to build upon your property. It is yours and you create your own statecraft.


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