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Direct Action Wins Again

An anarchist in Minneapolis who is observing these events on the ground writes: “There’s now a number of different armed groups of residents out there defending their homes and small business owners defending their businesses. I think that this is great. Just because the police say that they […]

Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide

I don’t think they liked that one of their cop shops was burned to the ground. Slate The ongoing protests following the killing of George Floyd were caught up in violence again on Saturday, as police all over the country teargassed protestors, drove vehicles through crowds, opened fire […]

Within the Shell of the Old

“If you revolt before you are organized into democratic, voluntary associations, you will create a power vaccuum that will be filled by authority. Authority is a ‘pioneer’ element– to use ecological terms– and will always be the first form of social organization. Democracy and anarchy are higher orders […]

Words of Wisdom

“Any meaningful revolution would be, as a revolution, populated by idiots. You could have clever leadership, a clearly communicated message and you would still have millions of stupid followers with all kinds of silly ideas you don’t agree with. Exclude all but the purest of heart and you […]

No Return to Normal

By Troy Southgate Tens of millions are labouring under the false impression that the current state of emergency is about to come to an end and that things will soon return to ‘normal’. If these people had paid more attention to history, rather than eagerly consuming anything which […]

Why Marx Matters

One interesting aspect of this segment is where Michael Brooks describes himself as having been a “Chomsky kid” (#metoo, Michael) and how the far-left in the US is largely just “progressive liberalism with an anarchist tinge.” Amen, brother. Michael seems to have since moved to something along the […]

Culturally Right But Economically Left?

Bill Lind argues that a successful populism would be culturally conservative and economically liberal. It’s true that research shows that Republican voters lean to the left of their elites on economics and that Democratic voters lean to the right of their elites on social questions. But this ignores […]

What can Progressives do better in 2024?

The statist-centrist-centralist-reformist-electoralist “populism” of Krystal and Saager is interesting and insightful in some ways, but lame as hell in other ways. Gotta get over that “social contract” mythology, Saager. Four suggestions: 1. Renounce the state and become anarchists. The state is the enemy of all mankind. 2. Abandon […]

Just Call Him Alexander Rodham-Ross

As a general principle, I am for an “open-ended” approach to anarchist theory and practice in the sense of letting “a thousand flowers bloom.” I certainly don’t expect all anarchists everywhere to adopt my approach, and there can certainly be separate but parallel tendencies to the ATS perspective […]

The New “Far Left”?

During the 1990s, I began to realize that the American left was increasingly being incorporated into the institutional mainstream, and was becoming entirely co-opted by the ruling class. This was evidenced by, for example, the widespread left-wing support for the US government’s massacre at Waco in 1993, acquiescence […]

Should the Democrats dump Biden for Cuomo?

Trump vs. Cuomo? Two obnoxious New Yorkers pitted against each other. I suspect Paul Gottfried is correct that if Biden wins, he will be quietly shipped off to the nursing home with his vice-present (Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Gretchen Whitmer) acting informally as the […]

Is the left willing to pay THIS price to claim power?

Krystal is coming along in her ideological evolution. Attack the System is a far-left revolutionary anarchist tendency that embraces all forms of anti-authoritarianism (pan-anarchism/anarcho-pluralism), crosses over to the radical center (class-based populism, the people vs. the elites), the populist-right (isolationism, anti-state/local control, free association, pro-gun, pro-free speech, anti-tax, […]

Working Class 3rd Party Is Forming In America!

A Bernie guy takes the first tepid step away from Democrapic Party liberalism toward…a third party! As if we don’t already have plenty of those. In the past, I’ve advocated that actual revolutionaries infiltrate minor parties and other mainstream or relatively mainstream organizations for the purpose of bending […]

Nathan Robinson explains his feud with Vox on why the left doesn’t owe Biden anything

A key difference between the populist/progressive/social-democratic left and the populist-right is that the populist-right represents cultural, demographic, generational, and economic sectors that are in a state of decline, shrinking in size, and have been losing power for decades. Ultimately, “right-winginess” is a failed strategy for this reason. For […]

Reaching Across the Aisle

Todd Lewis is joined by Derrick Jensen from the Deep Green Resistance; Keith Preston from Attack the System to discuss the important of reaching across the aisle to communicate with people in camps you don’t agree with and why that is so important and at the same time […]