Mistaking Activity For Accomplishment Is To Be Avoided

By Peter R Quinones

I’m still on vacation but it’s been so hot here in the Austin, TX area that I’ve spent as much time indoors as I have outside. Who am I kidding? I’ve been inside way more than outside.

I wanted to type something out to get back in the groove.

I’ve wasted a lot of years of my life. Some may look at the amount of content I put out, the successes I’ve had, and think that in my day jobs I probably excelled. For the most part, that’s just not true. I have not only failed a lot, but been lackluster in certain pursuits. I was always willing to settle for little accomplishments that moved me a step up, vs. large victories that made me jump several rungs up the ladder. I was given several little promotions that HR told me would be considerable leaps in pay and title if I just finished my degree. I always settled. Looking back on it is frustrating.

It wasn’t until less than a decade ago that I made a decision to strive for positions that were seemingly out of my reach. A couple of them were handed to me. Not because I finished my degree, but because I just had a change of attitude and started demanding the position I wanted. I honestly don’t believe I’d still be podcasting without that switch in attitude those years ago. I just knew that if I was going to get good at podcasting and providing commentary, I had to keep doing it. I still feel like I have a lot to achieve, but I believe I now have momentum that is considerable.

The thing about “settling” is that it becomes a part of you. I believed my little promotions were actual accomplishments but the raises didn’t even cover inflation. The additional status? There was none. There was always a Honeymoon period where I convinced myself I had achieved greatness. Then reality set in. When you achieve something that has no tangible way of making any real change, you will eventually come crashing down. I speak from experience.


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