A Final Plea For Unity Against Common Enemies

By Peter Q. Quinones

Who are your friends and allies, and who are your enemies? The first part is not the easiest question to answer. I have taken to splitting my list into those who want me dead and those who do not. I consider anyone who wants to see me force injected with an experimental drug as someone who wants me dead, so enemy category. Those who believe I have a mental disorder that needs to be addressed because I don’t agree with their delusions and worldview, which somehow make me immoral in their eyes, are put in the enemy category as well. Most people can tell you who their friends are rather easily. Allies are a bit more difficult because they may be people you break off from once your common enemy is defeated. So, what does an ally look like besides someone who doesn’t want you dead?

Someone on the Left

When I think of allies on the Left I think of someone like Glenn Greenwald. Glenn and I would definitely disagree on the full spectrum of economic issues but Glenn views the insane Left as his enemy and this State as a terrorist organization. Glenn never fell for Russia or Ukraine-gate and caught copious amounts of crap for questioning the whole COVID regime. He even resigned from the website that he co-founded when editors tried to censor an article he wrote critical of Joe Biden pre-election 2020.

The enemy is the Leftist regime that controls the government. He opposes both.

Someone in the ‘Middle’

I honestly believe that the middle of the road leads to socialism but there are people in the middle who know who the real enemy is. Joe Rogan is the first person who comes to mind when I examine the “middle.” Because Joe has questioned allowing trans-women (men) to fight women in the UFC, he has been accused of being a far-right winger by the Leftist corporate media and their allies in Washington DC. And let’s not forget the reaction to his December 2021 interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the holder of many patents on mRNA technology. The New York Times dedicated a fact-check article to the episode, while Rolling Stone Magazine promoted the 270 “physicians and scientists” petition against Rogan that ended up being a farce.


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