The Self Reliance Festival – October 1st and 2nd

My friend John Bush is at it again and this time it’s a true wealth of knowledge!

He’s doing another Self-Reliance Festival!!!

It features world-renowned experts in food production, self-defense, community building, health, entrepreneurship, taxes, and modern survivalism.

Throughout the festival you’ll discover:

  • How to grow nutrient-dense food WITHOUT soil
  • The secrets of a 60-year-old homesteading and prepping grandmother who reveals how to survive, take care of yourself, and enjoy life in old age
  • The #1 way to raise healthy, delicious meat that anyone can do with a small space (hint: it’s not beef, pigs, or goats)
  • How to deal with a medical emergency when you don’t have access to a doctor
  • Simple ways to become (and stay) physically fit and healthy enough to survive any scenario when SHTF
  • A powerful gardening method for growing tons of food in any soil, any climate, with minimal weeds and less disease
  • A quick and dirty plan for anyone with a business to shred their tax bill every year
  • Tactical grappling training with firearms and knives to ensure you survive deadly encounters
  • Canning tutorial for storing pounds of fresh food for YEARS

And MUCH more!



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