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The Lighthouse Weekly Newsletter September 13, 2022: Reagan Was Right | The Soviet Collapse of America? | Bad Ideas Back in Vogue

Reagan Was Right: Big Government Corrupts the Military Too

Christopher J. Coyne (The National Interest)

Military force can be used to defend freedoms. But, says our own Dr. Christopher Coyne in his forthcoming eye-opening book, it also can be used to undermine domestic liberties. And, when government sends the military abroad seeking “monsters to destroy,” it can make us, paradoxically, profoundly less secure. READ MORE »

In Search of Monsters to Destroy

The Folly of American Empire and the Paths to Peace

By Christopher J. Coyne

Could America Go the Way of the Soviet Union?

Judy L. Shelton (New York Sun)

Quinnipiac University polling just found that 67 percent of Americans worry that democracy in the United States is in danger of collapse. Now, that is unlikely any time soon, but, in a democratic capitalist society, the steady decline of the nation’s fiscal condition should give us pause—a long pause. READ MORE »

Liberty in Peril

Democracy and Power in American History

By Randall G. Holcombe

How Old Bad Ideas Become Wonderful

Victor David Hanson (American Greatness)

We in America are regressing—now embracing the worst of what the 19th and 20th centuries had to offer. Take, for an example, the McCarthyesque condemnation of millions of Americans with the “wrong” political views. Worst of all, we create such cultural destruction and then call it progress. The details, which matter, are just horrifying. READ MORE »
WATCH: Victor Davis Hanson | The Dying Citizen

Buttigieg’s ‘Reconnecting Communities’ Program Will Solve Nothing

James T. Bennett (Washington Examiner)

History cautions against the use of strings-attached federal money to address needs—highway spending especially included. A sad fact detailed in our forthcoming book Highway Heist: from 1947 to 1969, about 98,000 homes were razed for highways in California alone. And eminent domain abuses continue today. But, no surprise, Pete Buttigieg draws the wrong conclusion. READ MORE »

Highway Heist

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure and the Way Forward

By James T. Bennett

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