Private islands, forgotten California oligarchs, and Jewish converts. Say hello to our ruling class.

It’s not everyday that two of my seemingly disconnected interests — California oligarchic farmers and the weaponization of Jewish identity — come together.

I’m sitting in our new place in San Francisco, just around the corner from Haight Street — trying to catch up on some writing and do work on the documentary that I needed to do weeks ago. Yeah, we’re still hard at work on the California water oligarch doc. It’s taken us way longer than we ever imagined. But Rowan and our editor Luka have been making serious progress over the last few months.

I’ve been looking through some old research for the next bit that we’ve getting ready to polish up. And digging into my notes, I came across a bit of oligarch trivia that I clipped years ago and promptly forgot. It’s about two privately owned islands in the San Francisco Bay.

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