The Altar of Bourgeois Morality

An interesting critique of the Alternative Right from a European New Right perspective. I have no idea who wrote this, although this writer apparently has a favorable view of yours truly.

One thing I love about the comments threads at AltRight is that it’s one of the few forums where even I get accused of being too Muslim-friendly, too-gay friendly, and insufficiently racist or fascist. Refreshing.


Not long ago I posted about blogs I regularly read and listed Alternative Right and specifically mentioned Richard Spencer as one of their recommended writers.  Not long after this, my friend James sent me an email linking to two Alt Right articles with a message explaining,

“Richard Spencer got freaked out that some twink was obsessed with him and the whole ‘alternative right’ went crazy.  This is why the Left has won.”

My curiosity piqued, I decided to investigate the matter and what I found was the systemetic character assassination of a young man by not only the “Traditionalist” Right but by his onetime neocon contemporaries.  Alex Knepper first made a name for himself when he wrote an article for the The Eagle, American University’s student newspaper, warning that girls who regret drunken sex may cry rape afterwards and get a hearing severly biased in their favor.  As usual, left-liberals and ‘cosmopolitan’ snarksters went bonkers and used it as another excuse to make conservative synonymous with troglodyte haters incapable of reason.  From there it seems Knepper was on his way to being a rising star within the conservative punditocracy.  He began first as a writer for David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog and later for FrumForum, a site founded by the former Bush speechwriter.

Knepper’s trouble began when he critcized professional cunt Ann Coulter for waning in her support for the war on Afghanistan on NewsRealBlog.  Horowitz took personal umbrage at this since Coulter and Horowitz are good friends who both have a personal stake in promoting a nonpolitical politics of libel and hyperbole.  Apparently Knepper forgot that old adage about not biting the hand that feeds you.  Horowitz’s cronies responded with a fully detailed expose of the burgeoning pundit based on his posts at Gay Teen Forum.  The article is essentially sexual McCarthyism for the internet age.  The authors obviously spent much time combing over his posts which, while on a public forum, were obviously meant for a small and specialized audience.  They even published his AIM screen name which is a pretty bold move considering one of authors goes by the pseudonymn Jenn Q. Public.

The damaging information in question relates to Knepper’s interest in teenaged boys.  Considering he’s only 20 this shouldn’t really be considered odd or pervy.  I will concede that some of his more ephebophilic postings are a little suspect but nothing beyond what is shown or said on milkboys dot com (look it up if you’re curious, I’m not linking to that shit.)  In any case, this ickiness pales in comparison to the ickiness of railroading a young man in the springtime of his career based on his sexual proclivities.  Especially with the innacurate and overused smear of paedophile.  David Frum, a conservative moderate, defended his journalist for sometime but eventually caved to the morally reactionary howlings.  His bittersweet farewell is here.

That the neocon right would betray one of their own over sexuality and bitchy personal infighting doesn’t surprise me.  Instead, what I wanted to touch upon is how the ‘Traditionalist’ right jumped on the bandwagon with their supposed enemies, the neocons, to crucify some 20 y.o. twink nobody.  Richard Spencer seemed incensed that Knepper called him a racist (something I doubt Spencer would even deny) and made fun of some Odinist goofballs.  Spencer and the rest of the ‘Traditionalist’ right returned by basically calling him a fag and a girly man.  The dude who runs Occidental Dissent, a racist blog with all the excitement of a high school math class, essentially said this word for word in his obnoxious Virginian accent on a radio broadcast.  Real intellectual stuff all around.  At this point I think I should mention that I definitely prefer a conservative bitch fight to a liberal or left wing one, especially considering they rarely have to do with anything political and get right to personal attacks and wild accusations.

What is disappointing about all of this is that the ‘alternative right’ is supposed to be exactly that.  If you are unfamiliar with their ideals, I suggest starting with Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye and the rest of the Nouvelle Droite.  One of the most interesting aspects of this intellectual school is that it is fundamentally opposed to Judeo-Christianity, termed the “Bolshevism of antiquity” by de Benoist himself.  The Nouvelle Droite correctly sees Judeo-Christianity as a parasitic and leveling force which brought the Golden Age of the Occident to its knees and produced the comparatively horrid Medieval Era.  De Benoist and co. have also noted that Judeo-Christian morality, born of the Manichean dualism, is the origin of bourgeois morality and that Communism and liberalism, from its classical to contemporary forms, represent a secularization of Judeo-Christian ideals.  My friend James and the late Alisdair Clarke took this a step further by arguing that the inherent homophobia of Judeo-Christianity is one of the reasons it is so damaging to the West.  One of the first organic societal units of Western civilization, the Mannerbund, was made up solely by men and teenage boys.  Rites of passage usually involved some sort of penetration.  For further information please consult James’ excellent blogspot, linked above.

Of course I’ve found a significant gap between the ideals of the Nouvelle Droite as formulated by de Benoist, Faye, Michael Walker and others and those found at places like Alternative Right which mostly seems to host monarchists, Catholic fundamentalists, and ‘white nationalists.’  The one exception to this is my friend Keith Preston, an individualist anarchist with NR sympathies.  The point of all this is that those who claim to uphold the traditions of the West (i.e. the Right, since the Left decided to abandon making socio-economic gains for the native working classes in favor of fetishizing Otherness) might want to pay attention to what said traditions actually are.

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