We Must Keep Moving Forward

If you were to ask me why I do what I do—podcasting, writing, being a maniac on social media—it would be cliché to say that I feel a “calling.” Saying you feel called to do something, especially something as ridiculous as posting memes on social media, is often seen as elevating yourself to the level of some of the greatest men in history. Although I don’t consider myself a “great man,” I find I can’t stop the work I’ve started. I’ve given serious thought and prayer to this “calling,” and I humbly admit that I feel like this is what I was created to do.

As often happens to most of us, I felt that today’s church sermon was preached explicitly to me. I’m not delusional; I know it was for all to hear, but it was a message I needed to hear at this moment to reinforce the belief that what I do is what I am meant to do. Ezekiel Chapter 2 describes God calling the prophet Ezekiel to go and speak to the Israelites. God calls the Israelites a rebellious nation that has transgressed against His laws. God refers to Israel as an “impudent” and “stubborn” people. God goes on to say that Ezekiel must preach the message He has delivered to Ezekiel, whether they hear it or refuse to accept it.

Removing myself from the above lesson, I know that almost everyone reading this has experienced the phenomenon of eloquently explaining something of political or cultural importance to someone who just won’t receive the message or accept what is right in front of them. It happens to all of us. Do we get frustrated in our efforts? Of course we do. How many of us have thought that because we were explaining an important matter to a family member, they would listen to us because they loved us? But we should remember that Jesus says in the Gospel of Luke that “no prophet is welcome in his hometown.”


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