Be Anti-War with Ron Paul and Angela McArdle!

This Sunday at 12:30 p.m., thousands of Americans will gather at the the Lincoln Memorial to protest the U.S. government’s support for the War in Ukrainean insane policy that could literally get us all killed.

Ron Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Jimmy Dore, Scott Horton, Dennis Kucinich and Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) are headlining the Rage Against the War Machine rally—an effort by anti-war voices from across the political spectrum to wake people up to the fact that the politicians, the bankers, the media, and the war-profiteering defense contractors are working against peace just so they can maintain their hold on power.

But it wouldn’t be happening if we in the Libertarian Party hadn’t elected Angela McArdle to lead our party last year. While previous LNC chairs sometimes paid lip-service to peace, their messaging usually either ignored foreign policy issues or hewed very closely to the narrative set by the American Empire. (Even today, many former LP leaders and other “libertarians” are supporting U.S. imperialism and intervention in the name of liberty.)

In contrast, Angela took it upon herself to form a coalition with the left-wing People’s Party to organize the RAWM rally and try to rebuild an anti-war movement to replace the one that disappeared when Barack Obama got elected.

It’s true that we Libertarians have fundamental differences with many of the leftist and conservative voices that will be alongside us this Sunday—but we don’t have the luxury of staying within our own bubble. Building single-issue coalitions to promote peace and liberty is perhaps the most powerful tool we have available to us (as we’ve explained in our Project Decentralized Revolution blueprint.)

So, if you can make it to Washington, DC this Sunday, please do so. (You can find all the details at the Resources page at, including buses and vans leaving from places like NY, OH, MD, and PA.)

If you can’t make it, show your support by attending one of the sister rallies or watch parties, supporting the rally financially, and promoting it on social media.

And finally, show your support for the great job Angela McArdle is doing by joining/re-joining the Libertarian Party and/or giving to the LP.

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