Almost half of BLM protesters are white; a plurality are suburbanites Reply

I’ve noticed this as well. But unlike most commentators on the uprising, I would make a sharp distinction between the mainstream protest movement, conventional activism like BLM, the far-left/Antifa, the far-right/Boogaloo, statue vandalizers, and exaggerated sports rioters on one hand, and the actual uprising of the lumenproletariat on the other hand.

The lumpenproletariat insurrection was of a much different character than these other aspects of the recent unrest. The lumpenproletariat spontaneously emerged from the bottom layers of US society to engage in direct attacks on the state and the capitalist class, in a way that was driven not by ideology but by egoistic impulses. Stirner, Bakunin, the Situationists, Foucault, all of them would be damn proud of the performance of the lumpenproletariat during the months of May and June 2020. The great thing about all of these other categories of participants in the unrest is that they served as cover for the actual insurrectionary efforts of the lumpenproletariat (“useful idiots” as Lenin would have said), and it is these sectors that are presently being co-opted, not the actual lumpenproletariat.

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