Are the Reasonoids Going Trumpist?

I don’t know anything about the controversy described below but it seems to be another example of libertarianism being overrun by culture war tribalism. I generally find Reason to be good on civil liberties, a mixed bag on foreign policy, and shitty neoliberals on economics (except for their consistent defense of their petite bourgeoisie).
By Shikha Sood Dalmai
After 15 years, the curtains came down for me at Reason today. My views, I was told, had become too out-of-step with those of the organization. Defending my work to donors and stakeholders had evidently made me too much of a liability. Reason has some amazing writers who do great work on a whole host issues that I will continue to read and share. And it has been an honor and pleasure to work with them. However, I had a staunch and uncompromising anti-Trump voice calling out his authoritarian tendencies unambiguously. That this made many libertarians uncomfortable raises all kinds of interesting questions about the state of the liberty movement. Once the dust settles, I will reflect on those issues in future essays.
P.S.: I am going to make no further statement or comment on this post. I expect everyone to be civil to both me and Reason.

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