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The Shifting Nexus of the US Culture War

Recent research by Pew shows that the perspective depicted in the meme below (so-called “faith and flag conservatives”) only represents about 10% of the US population. Most of the US right-wing nowadays are business conservatives, pro-labor populists, and socially moderate to liberal center-right or quasi-libertarian types. One thing a lot of the US pundit class is missing is that the focus of the “culture war” is rapidly shifting away from “conservatives vs liberals” and toward “anti-woke moderates vs. woke progressives.” That’s what is happening in Virginia, California, New York, and other blue and purple zones. I’ve been predicting for almost 20 years that as the cultural right continues to shrink democratically and lose power politically, it would shift in a more militant direction (hence, January 6) but that the real nexus of the culture war would shift to the moderates vs progressives conflict.

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This is something I wrote almost 20 years ago, during the George W. Bush/neocon era:
“All of the modern countries are now under the ideological domination of one or another variation of neo-Marxism, whether the Marcusean cultural Marxist revisionism of the European ruling class and the left-wing of the US ruling class, the Shachtmanite right-wing Trotskyism of the US Republicans or the post-Maoism of the Chinese Communist Party. It stands to reason that the foundations of political struggle in the coming century will essentially be a continuation of the oldest and most historic divide of the traditional Left, that between the Marxists and the Anarchists. This development in turn marks the fulfillment of William Graham Sumner’s prediction from a century ago that one day men would be divided into only two political camps, those of the Anarchists and the Socialists.
The crumbling of the US regime within a global framework of greater leanings towards (partial) decentralization and polycentrism will provide libertarian radicals in North America with unprecedented opportunities. It would be a foolish error of a truly historic magnitude if we were to let these opportunities go to waste. In developing a new North American radicalism, we must first consider the nature of the enemy. The US ruling class has continually drifted leftward over the last century to the point where the “Old Left”, the Marxist/Trotskyist/New Deal intellectual Left of the 1930s, are now the ostensible conservative Republicans while the Marcusean cultural Marxists of the 1960s “New Left” are now the liberal Democrats. If this historical pattern continues, then an on-going leftward drift will mean that within a couple of decades the ostensible “conservatives” or “right-wing” will be the present day reactionary liberalism of Dianne Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Albert Gore, John Kerry, Michael Moore and Morris Dees. We can easily envision an ideologically and intellectually decrepit lot such as these presiding over the final days of the crumbling US empire.”
If I were writing the above passage today, I would focus less on “Marxism” (I was heavily influenced by a lot of paleocon, right-libertarian, and ENR analysis back then) and more on the role of the digital capitalist revolution vs traditional industrial capitalism and I might now classify some of the individuals mentioned in the same way, but other than that I would generally stand by these comments. For instance, Michael Moore and arguably Ted Kennedy were/are further the left than the other figures mentioned. And the dominant forms of political struggle in the present world are nowhere even remotely approaching the historic anarchist vs. Marxist conflict.  But the general analysis still holds up on a sufficiently abstract level.

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