From Black Panthers to Boogaloo Bois: Lobby Day in Virginia

This happened in my city about a week ago. I know some of these people. An on-the-ground “mass movement” of this kind would be right on the mark. If nothing else, it would force systemists ranging from the social democrats to the neoliberals to the neocons to the pro-system Trumpists into the same camp in defense of the system. Meanwhile, semi-systemists (like the Three Percenters, some Trumpists, Proud Boys, much of the so-called “radical left,” anarcho-Berniebros, some Antifa, some an-coms, etc.) would be forced to choose between systemism and anti-systemism to a much greater degree. The degree of collegiality expressed by the different factions in the video would also have the effect of further marginalizing supposed anti-systemists who are more about attacking other tribes than attacking the system per se.

Despite fears of violence and a country on edge ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, gun rights activists rallied outside the Virginia capitol Monday, drawing in right-wing groups increasingly hostile toward the government and openly armed in defiance of the law.

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