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Biden administration authorizes financial transactions with Yemen’s Houthi rebels to let aid flow

Hmm. What’s the angle? Most likely this is the Democrats’ retaliation against the Saudis for their close relationship with Trump, the murder of Khashoggi (a WaPo employee), and the fact that Yemen has made them into a growing liability. Whatever works.

By Haley Ott, CBS News

London — The U.S. Treasury on Monday authorized almost all financial transactions with Yemen‘s Houthi rebels for the next month, effectively delaying the implementation of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s last-minute designation of the group as a terror organization while giving the new Biden administration a chance to review it.The move seemed to be aimed at addressing the fears of humanitarian organizations who work with banks and commercial traders to provide aid to approximately 80% of Yemen’s population, the majority of which live in Houthi-controlled territory.

While humanitarian groups would have received exemptions under the terror designation, many of their commercial partners on the ground in Yemen may not have, and vital operations could have been disrupted.


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