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Stand Down @jack: Why the First Amendment Needs to Be Applied to Social Media

As I have said before, where I dissent from modern libertarianism of the Randian variety is with my view that corporations and banks are merely modern feudal manors, and the media, universities, and now tech companies are the new church. It doesn’t do much good to claim to oppose the king while embracing the pope and the aristocracy.

By Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative

The interplay between the First Amendment and corporations like Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook is the most significant challenge to free speech in our lifetimes. Pretending a corporation with the reach to influence elections is just another place that sells stuff is to pretend the role of debate in a free society is outdated.

From the day the Founders wrote the 1A until very recently, no entity existed that could censor on the scale of big tech other than the government. It was difficult for one company, never mind one man, to silence an idea or promote a false story in America, never mind the entire world. That was the stuff of Bond villains.


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