Antifa establish new ‘autonomous zone’ in Portland after chasing away cops

My enemies from the Antifa often do not realize what good pan-secessionists they actually are.

By Andy Ngo, The Postmillennial

Black Lives Matter-Antifa and other left-wing extremists have repelled police and created a new “autonomous zone” in north Portland to protect a house being illegally occupied by squatters.

The protest erupted after police raided a house on Mississippi Avenue around 5 a.m. on Tuesday. For months, radical left-wing activists had been occupying the property known as the “Red House” to protect squatters who were legally served multiple eviction notices.

The Portland Police Bureau assisted the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office this morning in initially clearing out the property. Police encountered resistance, including from a person with a firearm who was taken into custody. Several other guns were recovered at the scene. Soon after, Antifa accounts on social media called for comrades to retake the space.

“There is an active call for numbers, defensive gear and supplies, and change of clothes/bloc,” tweeted the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front. “Get up and get your ass to 4406 N Mississippi Ave.”


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