Unity 2020: Why the Lesser Evil?

If I had to identify any way in which my views have shifted over the years, it would probably be that I have largely moved away from the idea of a far-left/far-right “third position” type of tactical framework toward more of a revolutionary centrist one. The far-right and far-left are not alternatives to the duopoly as much as mere caricatures or parodies of the duopoly. The far-right and far-left typically either have totalitarian ambitions of their own or merely get absorbed in lesser evilism. I also underestimated the entrenchment of culture war politics and overestimated the commitment of radicals to actually overthrowing the system. Though I think recent events have certainly confirmed my long-held view that the urban lumpenproletariat is the vanguard class of a modern revolution.

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    • I don’t think anything is going to come of the Unity 2020 project, though it’s an idea that might be viable at some point in the future. Weinstein’s politics are much more moderate than mine obviously, but I appreciate his efforts to build a movement that opposes the establishment, rejects culture war politics, and rejects odious extremism. The fact that Unity 2020 people prefer Tulsi as their candidate strengthens my respect for their movement.

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