How Could Everyday People Stop a Coup?

My take on the present situation is both presidential tickets are (roughly) equally dangerous.
Trump is a narcissist and a megalomaniac but so are most politicians. What is most dangerous about him is his complete fealty to the KSA, UAE, and the state with whom the US has a “special relationship.” And his running mate is another George W. Bush waiting to happen. Biden is clearly experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia which means that his running mate, who appears to be a clinical psychopath, will be the acting president and merely a frontwoman for a ruling class unity regime, which is what a faux “Biden” administration would be.
The Republicans are a combination right-wing plutocratic party (like El Salvador’s ARENA) and an ultra-militarist party (like Likud). The Democrats are a far-right imperialist party and a center-right neoliberal party (and on the right end of neoliberalism). The various far-right/far-left streetfighter groups are de facto gangsters operating in either direct or indirect service of the parties. None of these groups would create a better society than the one that exists now (which is a pretty low standard).
Even worse is the fact that the neocons and their allies have more or less gained direct control of or substantial influence in ALL of the campaigns, parties, and factions, from top to bottom, and are engineering chaos from the top in order to prevent any unified resistance to the state, ruling class, and empire from developing.

It’s the same strategy they have pursued in the Middle East for decades: divide and conquer and when that doesn’t work, spread chaos and disruption. The enlightened people in the present moment are not those who are saying “vote whatever no matter who” or who are preparing for civil war. The enlightened are those who are refusing to participate in it all, like the 100 million who will not be voting on Nov. 4.

It’s Going Down

Autonomous anti-capitalist group, Unity and Struggle, discusses possible scenarios that could play out if Trump attempts to launch a coup and theorizes various ways people could potentially mobilize in the face of such a power grab.

A month out from the election, it’s obvious Donald Trump may attempt a coup. He won’t have the military march in and overthrow Congress. But he could use the technicalities of the constitution and a combination of official and unofficial channels to secure his hold on power. The contours of this kind of “constitutional coup” are coming into focus.

Trump has said repeatedly, out loud, that he won’t concede the election. He has framed mail-in voting as rife with fraud. He has ordered federal police into cities to disappear protesters off the street. Trump doesn’t rule by fiat–he merely steers a loose coalition of forces within and outside the state. But these forces have still managed to lay the groundwork for a power grab. They’ve packed the courts with incompetent judges with bizzare and distrubing beliefs, purged the Republican Party of dissidents through retirements or primaries, and flexed in the streets.


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  1. I still can’t get over that fact that these guys are trying to stop Trump’s ‘takeover’ by trying to getting Biden elected!? I‘ve heard Biden was the youngest senator ever at the time (don’t care enuff to look up) and it’s 47 years later and he’s senile. In other words, he’s the definition of anti-establishment right?!?

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