What Does the Radical Left’s Future Look Like?

One thing Kazin mentions in this interview is that the anarchist left that emerged during the time of the anti-globalization movement and Occupy Wall Street has largely been co-opted by the social democrats and, therefore, the Democratic Party. I think that’s actually a good thing because it creates more openings for those of us who want to create a more radical, less social democratic-influenced anarchist movement.

By Eric Levitz, Intelligencer

As a historian, Michael Kazin has chronicled America’s radical tradition. As an activist, he has participated in it. His books have traced an arc from the early abolitionists, to the Populists, to Occupy Wall Street. His life has taken him from the ranks of Students for a Democratic Society to the Democratic Socialists of America. The journal he co-edits, Dissent, curates some of the contemporary left’s most interesting internecine debates. Here, he offers some perspective on the DSA’s recent successes and the radical left’s prospects in the years to come.


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