Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio provocateur and cultural phenomenon, dies at 70

Just another in a long list of shysters who made a name for themselves as some kind of right-wing demagogue, and not nearly as interesting as some of the ones who came before him. He was a product of his time, i.e. the Sunbelt insurgency within the capitalist class that happened in the postwar period, and which eventually produced the Goldwater-Reagan-Bush-Bush misnomer of “conservatism.” Although the era that produced him seems to be fading away right along with him. The Republicans are becoming the new Whig Party, which means they have to either change or die.

By Marc Fisher, Washington Post

Rush Limbaugh, who deployed comic bombast and relentless bashing of liberals, feminists, and environmentalists to become the nation’s most popular radio talk-show host and lead the Republican Party into a politics of anger and obstruction, died Feb. 17 at 70.

The cause was complications from lung cancer, his wife, Kathryn Limbaugh, said at the start of his Wednesday radio show.

In February 2020, Mr. Limbaugh, a cigar aficionado who long defended tobacco use, told his audience that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. One night later, then-President Donald Trump broke with tradition and bestowed on him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, during the State of the Union address.

“He is the greatest fighter that you will ever meet,” Trump said.


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