Billionaire Whines About Politicians Not Doing EVERYTHING He Wants

Kulinski’s milquetoast Berniebro social democracy is not my thing at all. But this is a great overview of why “right-wing” libertarianism fails. It ultimately ends of getting co-opted by the standard coalition of corporatists and reactionaries, who are in turn being puppetmastered by the imperialists, with the actual libertarian content of right-libertarianism getting lost along the way. It’s the same reason why left-libertarians and left-anarchists who subordinate their politics to the culture war paradigm ultimate just end up becoming Bidenists. One thing the late Murray Rothbard got right was that anti-imperialism must always come first. Otherwise, the door to co-optation is wide open. Only the national-anarchists, most hardcore antiwar libertarians, and Maoist/Third Worldists seem to understand this.

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