Comparing Biden’s Administration Picks to Obama’s Is Revealing

It looks like The Intercept is already running interference for the Bidenists. Greenwald got out just in time. I generally like Ryan Grim but this is hopefully naive. Yes, OF COURSE, the US will be moving incrementally toward more European-like social democratic policies on domestic policy over time, given the general economic and cultural trends that are taking place. But a regime can be social democratic and uber-imperialist at the same time. Nearly every country in Europe has a government that is to the left of the USA. And every one of them generally favors the neoliberal economic paradigm and runs interference for US imperialism. Those countries have backed US aggression in Libya and Syria and during the Kosovo War, Germany’s Defense Minister, a key figure in the NATO war effort, was actually from the Green Party.

By Ryan Grim, The Intercept

For the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party, the Joe Biden presidential transition is what losing looks like. It is also, for better or for worse, what incremental progress looks like. Whether it’s enough to match the scale of the overlapping crises or to stave off a midterm wipeout remains to be seen, but a comparison to the transition of President Barack Obama reveals the distance the party has traveled over the past 12 years.


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