Trump pleads not guilty to charges of obstructing election

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Kishida confirms plan to merge My Number and health insurance card
Kishida apologized for the anxiety caused by recent errors and announced a series of steps in the hope of restoring public trust.
Foreign minors born, raised in Japan to be eligible for residency
The move comes in response to a controversial revision to the asylum law that was passed earlier this year.
Illegal stimulants found in Nihon University football player dorm
Police are planning to conduct a further investigation into the 21-year-old male football player who is suspected of possessing them.
In Japan, LGBTQ celebrities fuel impetus for change
Celebrities coming out as LGBTQ can have a big impact in Japan and fuel change. But such announcements are rarely made easily.
Japan and Italy to elevate ties with first joint fighter drills
The drills highlight how Rome and Tokyo are expanding defense and security ties as their strategic interests in the Indo-Pacific converge.

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Trump pleads not guilty to charges of obstructing election
After the hearing, the former U.S. president briefly addressed reporters at the Washington airport, calling it a very sad day for America.”
Seiichi Morimura, 90, who exposed Japan’s wartime atrocities, dies
In a book, he detailed gruesome biological experiments on people at a secret Imperial Army site in occupied China before and during World War II.
Buffett’s favored Japan trading firms post solid earnings
The five major trading firms all beat net-income estimates for the first quarter of the fiscal year in reports issued this week.
Myanmar poet turned rebel leader seeks new base to confront junta
The growth of Maung Saungkhas BPLA owes much to his skills in building bridges with other armed groups, according to allies and analysts.
Nomura hires virtual influencer to coax Japan’s young investors
Boosting individual investments is particularly crucial as the countrys baby-boomer generation passes on their assets to a younger generation.
Bobby Valentine enjoying more relaxed time with Angels
Former Marines manager Bobby Valentine is viewing the game from a different perspective these days.
Fuji Rock’s diversity is back — and it feels great
Millennial rock, Gen Z rap and a Sinead O’Connor tribute fill a stellar weekend of music.
Step on a rhyme to better understand Japanese homophones
Spending time to learn the Japanese languages many homophones can result in a better understanding of definitions — and its fun.
Akiko Mizuno: ‘Time moves forward. Photographs stop time.’
After years in New York City, Akiko Mizuno relocated to a small island in Okinawa Prefecture to concentrate on her long-term photography project.

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