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The only authentic tradition or universal is the struggle for liberty and freedom against power, authority, and oppression. It transcends historical epochs, geographies, civilizations, cultures, governments, ideologies, economies, modes of production, races, religions, or causes.

Someone who read a single paragraph or page of one of my books, essays, etc., could think I was a far-left, far-right, liberal, conservative, moderate, libertarian, left-wing anarchist, or Marxist, depending on what they were looking at. But there is a systemic framework: support for all anti-authoritarian forces wherever, support for small “l” libertarian currents in mainstream ideologies and tendencies, for decentralist tendencies among illiberal forces, for anti-imperialist tendencies among centralist forces. When I’ve explained it that way, some folks will say, “Oh, yeah, that makes sense for an anarchist.” True political syncretism off the horseshoe charts.

My long-term vision is a world of many diverse, autonomous civilizations comprised of many different microcultures of their own, where everyone has the opportunity to belong to multiple neo-tribes simultaneously, decentralized into diffuse networks.

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  1. I think you’re one of the most important intellectuals of the Millenium… you should start a bitchute channel, and guest on more podcasts from the antifa left to the alt-right! I’d like to interview you some time if you’re available.

  2. Please seriously consider a weekly newsletter of links and summaries for attackthesystem emailed out – it would be of immense utility as sometimes the notifications can make it difficult to sift through to find the gems

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