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US and Saudi Arabia Relations: Part 1

by Peter Zeihan on August 2, 2023

We’re talking US – Saudi relations. This will be a two-parter, but today we’re focusing on the key players.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan went to Saudi Arabia to lay down the framework for a new set of relations. As of late, relations have been less than ideal.

The National Security Advisor is really the manager of American foreign policy – even though the State Department gets all the credit. So seeing the hyper-competent Jake Sullivan leading the charge here is indicative of just how critical this is.

Biden’s push to Greentech has caused riffs in the relationship, but the other side has played a role too. MBS, the crown prince, is – for lack of a better term – an ass. And as anyone who’s dealt with someone like that knows, you have to put up with a lot of crap.

However, with Russia and China making moves against the US, Biden is starting to realize that Saudi Arabia is a very useful partner to have.

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US and Saudi Arabia Relations: Part 1

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