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Bride walks down the aisle with the 15 men who helped her escape from an abusive father


Single mom shares her neighbor’s sweet ‘wellness check’ captured on her doorbell camera

If there’s one thing all people need but many feel like they’re missing, it’s community. Even if we’re surrounded by people, we may not always feel connected, and many of us yearn for a caring, supportive community to be a part of.

But what we might not realize is that creating a sense of community can be as basic as checking in on a neighbor you haven’t seen in a while. That’s the simple act that brought nearly 5 million people to doorbell camera recording shared by a TikTok user named Amanda.

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ASL teacher shares her innovative and inspiring ‘lucky stars’ method to help students on test days

It is common to get anxious before going through any trial, test or examination at any point in your life. If we take school students, for example, most of them tend to get anxious due to having faced negative experiences with exams in the past or maybe not being adequately prepared for their tests. In most cases, the anxiety students experience is fueled by the fear of failure and they find it increasingly hard to stay calm as the exam days approach.

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Bride walks down the aisle with the 15 men who helped her escape from an abusive father

While the cynic might label the wedding tradition of a father walking his daughter down the aisle as some sort of nod to patriarchy, many brides dream of the moment, picturing it as a sweet send-off from the man who protected and cared for them throughout childhood to the man who will now fulfill those duties in adulthood.

But the truth is, for many, Dad wasn’t the protector…he was the opposite. So the notion of being given away by him feels inappropriate. And at the same time, there can be shame or regret for not getting to participate in such an endearing moment.

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Brazilian singer stuns ‘America’s Got Talent’ crowd with perfect Whitney Houston cover

When crisp, clear, so-high-they-might-reach-heaven notes are sung well, it feels like an otherworldly event. And when a guy is able to pull it off…whoa.

But Brazilian singer Gabriel Henrique made it all look so easy during his performance of Whitney Houston’s “Run to You” for “America’s Got Talent.”

It feels safe to say that you better be prepared to deliver if you pick a song made famous by someone dubbed “The Voice,” and Henrique certainly did, leaving both the judges and the crowd completely stunned.

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Man turns Geo Tracker into an adorable adult-sized ‘Little Tikes Cozy Coupe’

You know how there are some things that always look cuter the smaller they are? Kind of like baby shoes or overalls—something about them being tiny makes them squeal-worthy.

Well, it turns out the same can be said about turning small things bigger. One man has had a lifelong dream of making a “Little Tikes Cozy Coupe” adult-sized, and recently he made his dream come true.

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