American Decline

Both sides cracking

By Daniel Lazare, Weekly Worker

Russia is not the only major power that is feeling the strain, argues Daniel Lazare . The US is too

Russia cracked wide open last week – but the United States of America continued crumbling as well.

Although not as dramatic as Yevgeny Prigozhin’s would-be coup on June 24, events in Washington showed that destabilizatsiya is not limited to the Russian Federation alone. The action started on June 21, when the House of Representatives voted along party lines to censure Adam Schiff – a California congressman who for years led the charge against Donald Trump for allegedly colluding with Russia, thereby turning himself in Republican eyes into a latter-day Joe McCarthy, albeit with a Democratic twist.

A day later, the Republican-controlled House Ways and Means Committee released testimony by a pair of federal whistleblowers that government higher-ups tried to squelch an investigation into tax fraud by Hunter Biden, the president’s troubled 53-year-old son. Among other things, the witnesses laid bare a stunning WhatsApp message that Hunter allegedly sent a Chinese businessman named Raymond Zhao in July 2017, six months after Joe Biden stepped down as vice-president and just a few months before he began putting out feelers about a presidential bid in 2020. The message said:


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