DEBATE: Libertarian presidential candidate Mike ter Maat takes on Krystal and Kyle

Episode 130 with Mike ter Maat

Jun 30, 2023
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Join us for this week’s episode: a can’t-miss debate between your KK&F hosts and libertarian presidential candidate Mike ter Maat. Building on our analysis in last week’s episode of the potential of political debate to bring important ideas to the public eye, we’re thrilled to bring you this contentious, substantive conversation where we get into it on minimum wage, crypto, regulating Wall St and a lot more.


As always, we’ve got plenty of other material for you, from recent studies on gendered patterns of crying to DeSantis’s fascinating new plan to abolish the IRS. Watch below:


Of course, there’s the latest news on our minds: a strikingly awful suite of decisions handed down from the Supreme Court that will put a tighter financial squeeze on cash-strapped Americans and promote discrimination against LGBT people. We watched as the Biden admin dragged its heels when it came to making good on campaign promises to alleviate student debt — then rolled much of its initial plan back. (A recent post from More Perfect union shares the tuition costs of the Supreme Court justices, adjusted for inflation; John Roberts, who delivered the majority opinion, paid the 1979 equivalent of $337,652 for his Harvard degree.) Now, the Supreme Court has ruled that this plan is unconstitutional, throwing millions of borrowers and their families back into financial stress and uncertainty. A second 6-3 conservative decision backed businesses’ rights to refuse service to LGBT people, identifying the matter as an issue of free speech. Justice Sotomayor’s dissent refers to the decision as “Orwellian thought policing,” keeping an eye to the far-reaching effects it’s expected to have on civil liberties in the years to come.

More on these decisions in the weeks to come. For now, we’ve got an episode that we hope will challenge and interest you with its lively, contrasting opinions on central social and economic issues.

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