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What Are the Neocons Up To?

By Keith Preston June 23, 2023

A Facebook friend of mine made a statement regarding the leading individuals in the neoconservative movement. According to their post, these individuals are Ashkenazi Khazars who have a strong anti-Russia agenda. They are willing to go to extreme lengths, even risking a third world war, due to a perceived historical vendetta and their belief in the Third Temple mythology.

The dominant currents within neoconservatism include Jacobin-Girondin Enlightenment revolutionism, radical Zionism, and neo-Trotskyism. The self-presentation of neoconservatives as “conservatives” is part of their strategy for public consumption, while their true foundation lies in the aforementioned set of ideas. When I have pointed out this fact to both “conservatives” and “leftists,” they have expressed confusion as to why a movement rooted in the far left would align itself with Sunbelt conservatives such as Reagan and Newt Gingrich. The answer is rather straightforward: the neocons are “capitalist roader Trotskyists” who seek to align themselves with right-wing capitalists to secure funding for their projects. They utilize the wealth and power of the US military-industrial complex to advance their own ideological and ethnoreligious goals.

Larry Gambone, a Canadian leftist, provided an insightful analysis of the exoteric aspect of neoconservative ideology in an essay written during the Bush II/Iraq War era. He highlighted the distinctions between neoconservatism and “normal” forms of conservatism. You can find his essay here.

In a compilation by Paul Gottfried, I have contributed an extensive chapter that explores the esoteric aspects of neoconservatism. If you’re interested, you can find it in the following book.

Furthermore, I have written a chapter in another compilation that describes how the neocons infiltrated and took control of the “movement conservatism,” which was initially an insurgency by Sunbelt capitalism against the Northeastern establishment. You can read about it in this book.

Interestingly, a short post on our blogsite discussing the neocon alliance has garnered significant attention, becoming one of the most heavily visited posts on the site. .

Evidently, people have a genuine interest in this topic. Presently, the neocons are engaged in a multi-front battle against the rise of populism. Since the Trumpists assumed control of the GOP, the neocons have reestablished their influence within the Democratic Party and the “liberal” media, positioning themselves at the forefront of the “resistance libs.” However, they are also attempting to embed themselves within Trumpism, lead the Never Trumper Republicans, and develop controlled opposition factions like DeSantisism and “national conservatism,” where they have considerable influence. It is worth noting that the founder of “national conservatism” was Irving Kristol’s protege and currently resides in Israel. The neocons have also managed to co-opt the Left under the guise of “anti-fascism.”

The following tweet from Greenwald highlights how the neocons have infiltrated and gained prominence within the ruling class and various factions of the right, including Trumpism, national populism, anti-Trump Republicans, and Sunbelt capitalism. This demonstrates the growing influence of the neocons in today’s political landscape. Figures such as Prager and Shapiro now lead “conservatism,” while individuals like Kristol, Bolton, Stephens, Brooks, Will, Frum, and others have become major figures in “liberal” media. Additionally, through connections with the Podhoretzes and Horowitz, the neocons have established ties with Trumpism.

According to Glenn Greenwald, prior to Biden’s election in 2020, the neocon alliance shifted its focus and regained influence within the Democratic Party, as well as the broader “liberal” media landscape. Prominent neoconservatives like Bill Kristol now hold significant sway within the Democratic Party and affiliated media outlets. This strategic move allowed the neocon axis to position itself as the leadership of the “popular front” described by Greenwald, which opposes what they perceive as Trumpian “fascism.”

The prevailing strategy of the dominant factions of the ruling class supporting the Biden/Harris regime appears to be using legal means to suppress right-wing opposition. This includes not only targeting figures like Trump but also center-right figures such as DeSantis, who currently face pending charges in Texas and California. There is even a possibility of targeting Pence if he performs well in the primaries. The far right, represented by the recently convicted leaders of the Oathkeepers and Proud Boys, is also subject to repression.

Simultaneously, there is an effort to suppress or eliminate left-of-Democrat voices through repression, such as the indictment of Uhuru and Black Hammer, and by harassing figures like Cornel West’s party through the Department of Homeland Security. Slander is another tool employed, as seen in the labeling of Jill Stein as a Russian asset. The opposition within the Democratic Party itself, including figures like Sanders, Gabbard, Williamson, Yang, and RFKJR, faces marginalization through media blackouts, slander, and manipulated primaries and debates. It is my longstanding suspicion that they will eventually turn against Biden himself. Their intention is to keep him in power until he either resigns or passes away, allowing the Democratic establishment to replace him with someone they have groomed, such as Kamala Harris or Gavin Newsom. In such a scenario, neocon-friendly figures challenging Trump, like Chris Christie or Nikki Haley, would likely be deemed more acceptable than either Trump or Biden.

The ultimate goal of this strategy is to utilize the liberal internationalist wing of the ruling class as a tool for engaging in conflicts with Russia, North Korea, and Syria, while employing the conservative nationalist wing to confront Iran, China, and various Latin American nations. This plan essentially amounts to a Jacobin-Girondin-Trotskyist-Zionist world war driven by Russophobia, Sinophobia, anti-Arabism, anti-Islamism, anti-Iranism, anti-Stalinism, and anti-Third Worldism.

It is important not to get overly fixated on the Jay-Queue (Jewish Question) in relation to these dynamics. While such considerations may play a role, they are part of the broader Northeastern versus Sunbelt conflict within the US ruling class. The former faction is predominantly comprised of Anglophiles with strong connections to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha dynasties, forming the core of the Atlanticist empire.

The neoconservatives have strategically shifted their influence within the political landscape, aligning themselves with the Democratic Party and infiltrating the mainstream media. They play a significant role in shaping narratives and policies, with the aim of suppressing opposition and pursuing their global agenda.

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